Published 03/02/12

Onwards and upwards: ePHOTOzine numbers soar again.

Leading photography website ePHOTOzine is now getting almost a million unique users

Leading photography website ePHOTOzine is now getting almost a million unique users/browsers a month.

The latest ABC audit of the site's traffic shows a monthly total of 960,769 unique browsers with a daily average of 39,188 - a massive 37% increase on the last audit.

The award-winning eleven year old website, founded by imaging journalist/editor Peter Bargh, reaches out to photographers and imagists at all levels.

Said ePHOTOzine director Tracey Johnson We are thrilled at this latest news. We have almost reached that magic million number -and to see our site visitors increase so dramatically in a very challenging economic climate underpins our overarching mission to develop a brand that is trusted, innovative, market-leading and constantly evolving.

She added Five years ago we were the first online photography magazine to agree independent auditing of our numbers - and at that time we had 411,000 monthly unique visitors.

Any unaudited site could claim unfounded statistics but our advertisers can rest assured that our browser figures are fully audited by ABC. Advertisers need accurate information on which to base their marketing decisions and that is precisely what ePHOTOzine supplies.As we edge towards that groundbreaking one million mark I want to thank all our members for their continued loyalty and to all our clients for their ongoing and wholehearted support of our online adventure.

Jan Pitt, Executive Director of Client Services for ABC Audit Bureau of Circulations added ABC provides a stamp of trust for the media industry and an ABC audit demonstrates best practice principles. By committing to having its site traffic figures independently verified to industry agreed standards ePHOTOzine is delivering transparency for its advertisers.

1st Published 3 February 2012 09:09
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