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Published 19/09/12

PAROS: New range of bags for price-conscious photography beginners

The new PAROS bag range from CULLMANN offers a versatile range of practical bags with quick access.


The PAROS bag range is available in two versions; action bagsand shoulder bags. There are two different sizes for eachversion available. The smaller models, Action 100 and Maxima120, are specially designed for mirrorless system cameras. Thelarger models, Action 200 and Maxima 240, offer space formedium-sized DSLR cameras and camcorders. The PAROS bagsare designed above all for price-conscious amateurs andbeginners in photography and videography.

A common feature on all the bags is that the bag opening isaway from the body. It provides quick access to the cameraequipment. Despite an economic price-performance ration, thesafe storage of the camera is not skimped on. The PAROS bagsare well padded and made of a hardwearing, water-repellentouter material. The integrated, tailor-made rain/sun cover offersadditional protection. The cover has a side opening so it can beused with the shoulder strap without any restrictions.

Concealed zips protect against dust and moisture.The inside of the bag provides plenty of storage space foraccessories and personal items. The inside can be flexiblydivided and comes with protective padding. In addition, thePAROS range has a removable memory card compartment. Thebag's cover has microfibre material incorporated to protect thecamera's display.

The length-adjustable shoulder strap and sturdy carrying handlewith the additional belt loop allow the camera to be comfortablycarried.

Thanks to the CULLMANN ATTACH SYSTEM, additional bags,e.g. lens cases, can be fastened to the PAROS bag.

Overall, the PAROS range has seven bags available in blackwith red, or black with blue colour variations. The Maxima 240is only available in black with blue.

PAROS bag features

  • Bag opening is away from the body - quick access to the camera equipment
  • Heavily padded bags made from hardwearing, waterrepellent outer material
  • An integrated, tailor-made rain/sun cover with additional opening to allow the use of the shoulder strap
  • Stable handle plus additional belt loop to allow the bag to be conveniently carried
  • Storage space for accessories and personal items
  • Removable memory card compartment
  • Length-adjustable shoulder strap for comfortable carrying
  • Flexible internal compartment with protective padding
  • ATTACH SYSTEM to attach additional bags
  • Concealed zips to protect against dust and moisture
  • Microfibre material in the bag cover to protect the display

1st Published 19 September 2012 15:23
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