Published 18/09/12

Panasonic Challenges Professional Photographers with Unfamiliar Environments During “Changing Playgrounds” LUMIX G5 Campaign

Panasonic has today announced the launch of its LUMIX G5 “Changing Playgrounds” campaign at photokina 2012


The campaign will see three professional photographers from the UK, France and Germany taken out of their familiar working environments and sent on a very unique photographic adventure.

The Changing Playgrounds campaign will see each photographer taken from their area of expertise, whether thats landscape, still-life or fashion photography, and sent to locations and environments totally unknown to them. Not only will this test their own ability, but also that of Panasonics revolutionary 16.05-megapixel, Digital Single Lens Mirrorless DSLM LUMIX G5 camera.

The first photographer, Andy Barter, is a still-life expert who usually works in the perfectly lit photography studios of London. He is used to working on high-end shoots for the likes of British Vogue and Elle Decoration; however Panasonics Changing Playgrounds will see him sent to the hustle and bustle of Istanbuls city centre. For a period of time, the controlled environment Andy is used to, will be swapped for the capitals busy streets, where he will take photos full of atmosphere and movement.

As well as his own ability, Andy will be able to draw on the quality and precision of the LUMIX G5. With a high speed AF system and a 3.0-inch free-angle LCD viewfinder at his disposal, hell be equipped to capture the perfect shot, no matter what Istanbul throws at him. Whats more, with an ISO range of 160 12,800, the LUMIX G5 will also allow stunning image quality, even as the Turkish day turns to night.

The campaign will also see France based fashion photographer, Mel Karch, sent to Iceland. Like still-life specialist Andy, Mel will have to adjust to her new surroundings but with the added challenge of going solo and tackling her unfamiliar setting without the usual crew that surrounds her. Her everyday urban environments of Paris, New York and London will be swapped with the open landscapes and unpredictable wildlife of Icelands plains.

Compact, lightweight and easy-to-grip, the LUMIX G5 is the ideal camera to accompany Mel on her adventure. Furthermore shell be taking with her a selection of lenses from the widest choice of interchangeable Micro Four Thirds lenses in the market enabling her to get up close and personal with some of Icelands stunning wildlife, producing professional movie quality video and breathtaking images.

Finally is architecture photographer Christian Stoll who was born and is based in Germany. During the Changing Playgrounds campaign, he will exchange the form and structure of the buildings he is so familiar with, for the human face of Sicily.

Christian is renowned for his ability to create greatness from the most simple architectural settings and interiors. In Sicily, he will be tasked with achieving similar results by using the LUMIX G5 to take intimate portraits of the locals.Using the worlds largest range of Micro Four-Thirds lenses and accessories, Christian will be able to capture the intricate detail and variety of each individual picture. Similarly, revolutionary touch control shooting with precision focus set immediately to the subject - will keep his portraits looking perfect every time.

The LUMIX G5 is available across Europe now and will be on display throughout photokina 2012. Those who want to see the results of Panasonics Changing Playgrounds campaign should look out for more information at www.panasonic.eu/lumixg5

Contact http://www.panasonic.eu/lumixg5

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