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Published 18/09/12


Professional Light Has Never Been So Easy


SUNBOUNCE will be presenting its newest innovation for creative lighting at the Photokina The BOUNCE-WALL is a compact system consisting of a supporting arm, flexible bracket and replaceable reflectors; it is simply screwed into the tripod thread of the camera. Just shoot the system's flash against the reflector to achieve professional light in studio quality that is vastly superior to any ''yogurt cup'' or known reflector.

Garlstorf near Hamburg, September 18, 2012. The photokina innovation made by the light specialist SUNBOUNCE makes mobile light projection easier than ever. With the BOUNCE-WALL, the detachable flash becomes a creative professional tool - and it only takes seconds. No more nonsense ''over the ceiling flash'' or unimaginative straight-ahead flashes the BOUNCE-WALL frees the photographer from the light constraints on location. He can apply expressive, indirect, illumination without an assistant or much effort. With the exchangeable reflectors in proven SUNBOUNCE quality, the tone of the main light can be controlled - ideal for soft portraits and targeted lightening of foregrounds.

The supporting arm of the BOUNCE-WALL is made of a sturdy, lightweight plastic and can be quickly disassembled and put back together. So this novelty can be easily carried in your camera bag and is quickly ready for use. The desired reflector fits snugly into the bracket and, thanks to the ball joint, can be flexibly adapted in the angle. The BOUNCE-WALL requires neither electrical connections nor trigger or control cables; it is right on the side of the camera. When the flash reflector is turned towards the BOUNCE-WALL, the photographer flashes directly into the reflector, which projects the light softly and precisely onto the main subject. So the photographer has TTL flash control as well as measurement of light distribution on the optical axis right at his fingertips.

Creativity that knows no limits. The effect of the BOUNCE-WALL can also be controlled with the system's flash If the zoom reflector is set to telephoto, a tightly bundled beam hits the reflector. Light on the main subject is harder and more focused. When the flash reflector is set to wide-angle, more light is cast on the surroundings, where it is reflected and provides for additional basic illumination.

SUNBOUNCE's many years of experience with professional light enhancements and reflectors were essential assets in the development of the BOUNCE-WALL. Anyone who has worked with the SUNBOUNCER will be delighted with the compact version of these ingenious reflectors for flash photography. The lightweight yet durable plastic reflectors are no bigger than a standard piece of paper, yet they are revolutionizing modern flashing.

SUNBOUNCE offers six different reflector coatings, including the classics Silver, Zebra Silver/White and Zebra Gold/White - depending on whether the photographer prefers the most neutral light possible or a warmer tone e.g. for portraits.

A new reflector from SUNBOUNCE' idea factory is the ''Galaxy Gold/White.'' With the clever distribution of color on the reflective surface, the center of the light in the main subject can be accentuated. For example, the model's face can be emphasized with warm light.

For all reflectors that modify the color of the light e.g. ''Zebra Gold'' Unlike conventional filter films over the flash reflector, the change in color affects primarily the model, while leaving the ambient light untouched.

By the way The BOUNCE-WALL also works without a system flash The ultra-compact mobile reflector can be used with the sun as the source of light. Light enhancement in proven SUNBOUNCE quality - the solution that's with you all the tim

The BOUNCE-WALL is available from authorized retailers beginning September 18, 2012, manufacturer's suggested retail price 98.50 Euro complete kit, including silver reflector, size A4.

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