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Light Enhancement with a Flick of the Wrist

The next chapter in a great success story SUN-BOUNCE is expanding its revolutionary SUN-MOVER family and adding new models that tame light and send it right where the photographer wants it. And as always, they are ultra compact, exemplify the best workmanship and are affordable to any photographer.

Garlstorf near Hamburg, September 18, 2012. It was no less than a revolution in light projection, when SUNBOUNCE head and World Press Award winner Wolfgang-Peter Geller presented the new SUN-MOVER series almost three years ago With his team in Garlstorf, near Hamburg and located in the German state of Lower Saxony, the professional photographer had developed the first fully focusable, flat pop-up reflector in the world and had it patented. A real sensation for photographers on location and in the studio, SUN-MOVER carefully transforms neutral sunlight or spotlight to a targeted spot or to soft surface lighting - whatever the subject requires and with a simple flick of the wrist.

With the ingenious and compact shape, the absolutely wrinkle-free PERMATENSE screen and two sturdy handles, a single folding reflector can be used for spot, neutral and wide angle light for the first time. The photographer just has to turn the handles slightly. Then in a fraction of second, the reflected light can be bundled e.g. for a head shot or transformed to soft basic illumination e.g. for a full-body portrait. When the SUN-MOVER is bent inward the center of the reflector towards the body, it becomes concave and concentrates the light like a spot to hard, intensive light with minimal dispersion. If you simply want to divert the light because it is coming from the wrong direction, place the SUN-MOVER in the neutral position. When the reflector is bent outward and becomes convex, the illuminated surface increases and the light is softer.

Until now, photographers had two choices for the SUN-MOVER screen Silver with a white back and zebra gold/silver with a white back. For the Photokina 2012, SUNBOUNCE is adding four new variations ZICK-ZACK gold/white with a white back and ZICK-ZACK silver/white with a white back, allowing the desired light tone to be even more precisely adapted to the photographer's needs. The back is always neutral white.

Two new SUN-MOVER innovations from the SUNBOUNCE idea factory are joining the proven reflectors. Sometimes there is an excess of light that has to be tamed, such as when faces are to be accented or to reduce unwanted light in the studio. This is where the SUN-MOVER BLACK HOLE can be a big help. Instead of a reflecting or transparent screen, it works with a black surface that absorbs the light very effective and allows it to be precisely controlled.

The SUN-MOVER DIFFUSOR has a transparent screen and reduces light that passes through it by two thirds. This way bright sunlight outside can be modified to perfect portrait lighting, and hard, artificial studio light can be softened without much effort or expense.

Enhancing light, sending light where it is needed, accenting and amplifying light the fold-up SUN-MOVER offers the perfect, portable solution to meet all of these demands.

Compact, flexible and resilient

All of the SUN-MOVER models are made in Germany and consist of extremely durable oval spring steel frames with elastic screens. The nature and interaction of this system create an unusually stable and firm surface, similar to that of a drumhead. The materials used - German spring steel, stretchable fabric and extremely elastic woven seam band - are of the highest quality, just like the way they are MADE IN GERMANY. Because it is so light and compact, the SUN-MOVER is particularly well suited to portrait photography and photo journalism. When folded up, it is about the size of a Frisbee. The SUN-MOVER can be tensed and expanded to triple the size in a fraction of a second. And it disappears into the included carrying bag almost as quickly.

Prices and Availability

SUN-MOVER SILVER with white back 79,-
SUN-MOVER ZEBRA gold/silver with white back 89,-
SUN-MOVER ZICK-ZACK gold/silver with white back 79,-
SUN-MOVER ZICK-ZACK silver/white with white back 79,-
SUN-MOVER Diffuser -2/3 79,-
SUN-MOVER Black-Hole with black back 79,-

Available now from authorized retailers.

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