Published 18/09/12


Light Only Where it's Needed


Fresh ideas for razor-sharp light in the studio and on location Sunbounce's ingenious reflectors in the SUN-STRIP MINI and PRO series put an end to undesirable scattered light and set accents right where the photographer wants them. SUN-STRIPs are available in various lengths and widths right now.

Garlstorf near Hamburg, September 18, 2012. Setting the light precisely - whether in the studio or outside - is often tricky with large reflectors. To solve this dilemma, the light specialist SUNBOUNCE has developed the SUN-STRIPs - small reflectors in two or three sizes and with different screens for varying shades of light and reflection properties. The patented, three-dimensional frame of the SUN-STRIP, made of anodized aluminum, can be completely disassembled for transport, and it is ultra light yet extremely sturdy. The crossbars and clamps integrated into the frame offer a wide range of ways to hold the frame, either in your hand or by attaching it to a light stand. The clever frame design ensures that the screen fits as snugly and smoothly as a drumhead, so there is always consistent light with no flickering.

SUN-STRIPs are ideal for fashion photography, portraits, or pictures of objects - whether in a studio or outside. The narrow, precise reflective surface facilitates e.g. exact accentuation of the contour of a person or object, whether the light source is the sun or studio lighting. SUNBOUNCE founder and head designer Wolfgang-Peter Geller Why contaminate the whole set with excess light, when all you need is a strip of light on the modelProfessional photographers and ambitious amateurs often asked themselves this question in the past; this is why it has become so hard to imagine professional studio productions and on-location shoots without SUN-STRIPs.

Applying the wishes and suggestions of pros, the SUN-STRIP is now available in several lengths and widths to meet the great demand.

The PRO-STRIP comes in three widths54 cm, 36 cm and 18 cm all 190 cm high

The MINI-STRIP is available in two widths36 cm and 18 cm both125 cm high

The other good part Anyone who already has a PRO or MINI can use the straight poles with the SUN-STRIP and need only acquire the short crossbars in the respective width.

Available September 18, 2012 from authorized retailers.

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