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Published 18/09/12


Easy Carrying - Even Better Than Before


SUN-SNIPER, with the new professional strap THE PRO-II, is the best proof that a top product can be made even better. Besides allowing quick access to the camera and the expected carrying comfort, the PRO-II, with the newly developed and designed ZICK-ZACK SHOCK-ABSORBER, is even gentler to the photographer's shoulder and spine.

Garlstorf near Hamburg, September 18, 2012. Ambitious and aspiring photographers have valued the ingenious SUN-SNIPER straps for a long time. Available in many different models and sizes, SUN-SNIPER innovatively combines carrying comfort with quick access, facilitating shots that a photographer with a conventional shoulder strap or camera bag would miss. Not just photo journalists, sports and travel photographers enjoy the freedom of movement granted by the SUN-SNIPER, allowing them to carry their cameras at their hips, where it is comfortable and gentle to their backs.

The heart of the SUN-SNIPER is the ZIG-ZAG SHOCK-ABSORBER integrated into the strap. It absorbs jolts and vibrations when walking, relieving the photographer's shoulder. Thanks to the clever shock absorber and the even, diagonal distribution of weight of the camera and lens, equipment can be carried for hours at a time while hiking or reporting, and the photographer never gets tired.

The SUN-SNIPER THE PRO-II has a newly developed ZIG-ZAG SHOCK-ABSORBER made of sturdy, elastic rubber. The new design stylishly and efficiently absorbs jolts and goes better with the strap.

In addition to comfort and lightning-quick access, the SUN-SNIPER THE PRO-II offers reliable protection from loss and theft of your equipment The strap contains an integrated stainless steel cord that resists even a knife, a tool of choice amongst professional thieves. SUN-SNIPER GmbH offers the owner a guarantee for this security feature If you register as an owner within 14 days of purchasing the SUN-SNIPER THE PRO-II under www.sun-sniper.com, you will receive up to 400 Euro in compensation, should a thief manage to slash the strap and steal the camera.

The SUN-SNIPER THE PRO-II is available from authorized retailers beginning September 18, 2012, manufacturer's suggested retail price 74.00 EUR

1st Published 18 September 2012 09:23
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