Published 18/09/12


World's First*1 Touch Screen Photo / Cine Meters


Sekonic Corporation, manufacturers of Professional Photographic Light Meters, announced today the release of the New LITEMASTER PRO L-478 series, world's first1 touch-screen operated light meters with unique features for both still and motion imagers. The L-478DR incorporates PocketWizard wireless technology for in-meter power control of select studio flashes connected to PocketWizard ControlTL receivers as well as standard triggering with the entire PocketWizard wireless family. Both use Sekonic's breakthrough DTS Data Transfer Software system that automates meter calibration to the camera in use and expanded Cine features put these meters in a class of their own.

1 As of August 2012 by research of Sekonic Corporation

The Sekonic LITEMASTER PRO's compact size is both instantly familiar and comfortable to use. The large color LCD 2.7 displays ambient, flash, cine and other information in a clear and understandable way. Settings are made by simply touching or sliding a finger over the screen.

PocketWizard wireless technology enables fingertip control of remote flashes connected to ST4 or MC2 ControlTL receivers and Nikon and Canon Speedlights connected to Flex TT5 transceiver. Offered in both FCC USA and CE Europe frequencies, The LITEMASTER PRO L-478DR will support all ControlTL Channels and Zones A, B, C. Power levels are controlled by touching or moving your finger over the L-478DR screen. ControlTL Zones, marked A, B, C, allow switching remote flashes ON and OFF at the meter to make separate measurements for easy adjustment of lighting ratios. Standard Channel and Quad Zone capability allow triggering all standard PocketWizard radios and flash units incorporating PocketWizard radio receivers. To learn more about PocketWizard, please visit them at www.pocketwizard.com.

Exposure Profiling Sekonic's pioneering DTS Data Transfer Software Version 3.0, introduced earlier this year, enables quick dynamic range mapping of both digital still and motion cameras for the most precise control of light and exposure. The automated process requires using the L-478's 5-degree viewfinder and recording images of one of Sekonic's Exposure Profile Targets or one of ColorCheckerseries targets by X-Rite, all available as a separate purchase. Measured data from industry-standard targets can also be manually entered in the software or meter. Up to ten camera profiles can be stored in the meter. Any number of profiles can be stored with the software. Once loaded, the Sekonic L-478 series can make incident and reflected light readings that are precisely tuned to the dynamic range of the profiled camera. A wide range of in-meter adjustment as well as complete exposure data input is also possible using the graphic interface of the L-478 series.

Unique HD Cine / Cine/ Light Measuring Features
Today's DV cameras are boundless. The L-478 series meters have two motion-capture modes to fit the shooting needs of every cinematographer. Simply touch the screen to set shutter speeds for HD SLR cameras or quickly select frame rates and shutter angles for Cine shooting. They also allow users to create unique frame rates and shutter angles for special effects. Sekonic designers added a unique filter mode that enables getting exact light levels with the filtered light sources used in motion picture production. Simply touch the L-478 series to instantly call up light source or camera filtration expressed industry standard CTO/CTB/ND terms. Or users can create filter factors and names for precise control illumination and exposure. Extended ISO to 409,600 and brightness measurement in Lux/FC and Cd/m2/FL2 will make the L-478 a major player on movie sets around the world.

The L-478-series meters are powered by two AAA-size batteries. The L-478 series meters come standard with two AAA batteries, case, strap, user- applied anti-glare film and Quick Guide. A five-degree viewfinder is available as a separate purchase for reflected light readings and calibration and measurement using camera profiles made with the Sekonic DTS system.

Also a five-meter-long and are available as separate purchase accessories

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