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Testberichte.de singles out Metz in the flash units category

Metz Heralded ''Qualitatsmarke 2012'' for Flash Untis


In September 2012, the Qualittsmarke 2012 certificate was awarded to Metz in the flash units category at the Cologne imaging fair photokina. Testberichte.de awards this title to manufacturers that represent particularly high quality in a specific product segment. The quality seal Qualittsmarke 2012 is an acknowledgment of the outstanding quality and performance of Metz flash units. In terms of manufacturing flash units, the Zirndorf-based company with its long-standing tradition has a huge wealth of experience dating back 60 years.

''Qualitatsmarke 2012'' - award presentation st Photokina
Metz CEO Dr. Norbert Kotzbauer and Head of Corporate Communication Thomas Hey received the certificate naming Metz Qualittsmarke 2012 for flash units. Christian Rogge Testberichte.de presented them with the award at photokina 2012. Testberichte.de awarded the title for the first time this year and it will be awarded anew each year. The title is awarded to manufac-turers that represent particularly high quality in a specific product segment and also belong to the top bracket in the respective category. The top brack-et is defined as follows the distribution of average product ratings is deter-mined for each manufacturer in the category, whereby each average rating is weighted by the number of underlying individual ratings. To achieve the title, the average rating of the manufacturer must fall in the top 25 per cent of all average ratings i.e. achieve the 25% quartile value for the distribution or better. In addition, the manufacturer must have an average rating of at least ''good'' up to 2.5 and this must be based on a minimum of five individual evaluations.

Analysis of 80.000 product ranges

We launched this award to provide consumers with both additional guid-ance and confidence when making purchase decisions as well as to bring manufacturers of verifiably high-quality products to the public's attention. We awarded the prize for the first time this year and it will be awarded anew each year, explained Christian Heine, Head of Marketing at Testberichte.de and the man behind the award's conception.

To award the title, Testberichte.de evaluated the brand and quality guaran-tee of each manufacturer on the basis of product reviews from over 650 spe-cialist and consumer magazines.

A total of approx. 80,000 product ratings from the past 24 months were ana-lysed. Based on this unique collection of reviews, the portal could identify the manufacturers that have a high quality product portfolio with above-average ratings. This shows that they particularly live up to the needs of con-sumers. Metz flash units were evaluated in 15 reviews over the past 24 months and scored an average rating of good 1.7.

Testberichte.de is Germany's largest independent online consumer portal for professional product reviews and comparisons -the company does not test products itself, but lists evaluation results from more than 650 German con-sumer magazines. More than 6,500 new evaluation results are added each month. The website was founded in 2000 and has been operated by the Berlin-based Producto AG since 2003.

Metz mecablitz - technology made in Germany
Metz flash units represent high-performance technology and quality that can be relied on. We have been manufacturing in Germany for over 60 years. As such we hold a unique position Metz is the only manufacturer of camera flash units to develop and manufacture its products in Europe.

The following link takes you directly to the Testberichte.de webpage containing the reviews of Metz flash units

Contact http://www.testberichte.de/produktindex/produktindex_metz_blitzgeraete_571.html

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