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Published 17/09/12

Turned Upside Down

Novoflex - Photokina 2012


The high-class ball head ClassicBall 3 has been appreciated by photographers and amateurs for many years. NOVOFLEX Przisionstechnik GmbH now launches the ClassicBall CB 3 II which is version II of the robust ball head.

This new ball head created by the producer from Memmingen is thefirst version that can be rotated by 180, i.e. turned upside down.This new outstanding positioning of the ball enables an even moreaccurate leveling by means of a spirit level which is integrated in thebottom. Moreover, the CB3 II is equipped with a 360 laser engravedscaling, enabling a clearly precise panorama adjustment. By the waythe new ball head can be used in the conventional position as well asturned upside down

Technical Data
Weight 505 gram
Load support 8 kg
Order code CB3 II

The combination of CB 3II with the new MONO LITE tilt headconverts it into a two-way tilt head with silky smooth movements.

The new MONOLITE from Novoflex is the perfect tilt head in pocketsize for one axis rotation which -due to its low weight is perfectlysuitable for the fields of digiscoping or nature observation withspotting scopes. Its miniature design combined with the completeknow-how of the Novoflex design engineers opens up new dimensionsfor smooth movement of heavy equipment.

Its modular approach offers creative photographers a variety of newapplications in all areas, up to the construction of a 3-way-pan andtilt head. The MONOLITE foot is formed in the established NOVOFLEXQ profile and can thus be integrated extremely fast into the ballhead / camera set. As alternative the version MONOLITE-Q isavailable, which in addition comes with a preassembled Q-MOUNTquick release on top. The ball head fits perfectly into this quickrelease mount.

Technical Data
Weight 375 g
Load capacity 8 kg

Order codes and prices
Ball head Order code Price

Both products are available from now on in specialized departmentstores.

For further information and delivery information please contact
Novoflex Przisionstechnik GmbH, Brahmsstrasse 7,
87700 Memmingen/Germany, Phone 0049- 83 31 / 8 88 88,
Fax 0049- 83 31 /4 71 74, E-Mail mailnovoflex.de
or in the Internet under www.novoflex.de.

Contact http://www.novoflex.de

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