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mecastudio -the exceptional new product range by Metz

Metz heads to the studio


Metz is launching the new mecastudio product range at photokina 2012.Metz illumination is highly regarded around the world -by amateur, enthusiastand professional photographers alike. With its wide range of compactflash units,

Metz possesses specialised expertise which attracts many targetgroups with an interest in photography. Now Metz is taking the next step andexpanding its range into studio photography for both new and ambitiousstudio photographers. Four studio flash units -two Top Line models TL-600and TL-300, and two Basic Line models BL-400 and BL-200, are all to be presentedat photokina. The product range is to be enhanced with a selection ofstudio kits and a wide array of accessories.

Revolutionary lighting for studios with mecastudio Top Line

Ambitious studio photographers want to set off their fashion shoots, portraitshots, product photos and artistic still lives to best advantage. The mecastudioTop Line studio flash unit TL-600, with a flash output of 600 Ws and aguide number of 85 for ISO 100, and the TL-300, with an output of 300 Wsand a guide number of 60 for ISO 100, provide more than enough light outputto do this. Metz shows off studio designs in their best light thanks tovariable setting options, thus meeting the highest of expectations.

Operation of the mecastudio TL-600 and TL-300 is particularly convenient.Settings can always be optimally identified on the innovative touchscreendisplay, and the different functions of the TL-600 and TL-300 can be quicklyand easily selected with just a few touches. This means the studio photographercan concentrate on taking photos. Thanks to the Metz mecastudio TL-600 and TL-300 USB interfaces, updates can be easily installed via the Internet.

The mecastudio Top Line kits TL-600 SB kit II and TL-300 SB kit II provide theperfect basic equipment for your next location shoot. Top Line studio flashkits from Metz contain cleverly selected products which perfectly fulfil all ofyour basic requirements for ambitious photography, right down to thetransport of the equipment. The mecastudio Top Line kit TL-600 SB kit II containstwo mecastudio TL-600 studio flash units incl. flex and sync cable,protective caps, 2 air-cushioned lighting tripods, each 247 cm tall, 2 softboxes SB 60-90 and a transport case T-75. The mecastudio Top Line kit TL-300 SB kit II contains mecastudio TL-300 studio flash units instead.

Quite simply a better flash with mecastudio Basic Line
Passionate amateur photographers dream of owning their own photo studio.Metz mecastudio Basic Line studio flash units BL-400 and BL-200, with aflash output of 400 Ws/guide number 70 and 200 Ws/guide number 50 respectively,provide the basis for studio photographers as they start out. Theyprovide the photographer with the necessary flash output and numeroussetting options, perfectly equipping them to produce creative lighting.

There are also two studio flash kits in the mecastudio Basic Line range. TheBL-400 SB kit II contains 2 mecastudio BL-400 studio flash units incl. flexand sync cable, protective caps, 2 air-cushioned lighting tripods LS-200,each 200 cm tall, 2 soft boxes SB 50-70 and 1 transport case B-80 for 2 studioflash units with accessories.

The BL-200 SB / UM kit II contains 2 mecastudio BL-200 studio flash unitsincl. flex and sync cable, protective caps, 2 air-cushioned lighting tripods LS-200, each 200 cm tall, 1 standard reflector SR-18, 1 black/white umbrella UM-80 BW, 84 cm, and 1 carry case B-80 for 2 studio flash units with accessories.

The Basic Line studio flash kits from Metz ensure that new studio photographersare perfectly equipped with everything they need to start out. MetzBasic Line kits provide the perfect introductory package to the world of privatestudio photography.

With the mecastudio Basic Kits incl. a practical carry bag, the photographercan put the equipment to use, even if the shoot is not taking place in theirown studio.

Metz provides all the studio accessories requiredMetz provides more than just a practical selection of studio kits for the newstudio flash units. A wide range of accessories for studio photography is alsoprovided in the mecastudio range.

These include accessories for perfect illumination, ranging from the soft boxSB in various sizes to the Octagon soft box SB 80-80 right through to theEasy soft box ESB in various sizes. In addition, there are 2 folding reflectorkits with 5 different colours and a standard reflector. Umbrellas, light attachmentsand a beauty dish open up additional shoot possibilities.

An air-cushioned lighting tripod and flash shoe adaptor to connect the componentsare of course also essential parts of the kit. The practicalmecastudio transport cases T-100 and T-75 and the carry case B-80 round offthe varied range of accessories.

Quality by Metz
After all, we develop products which satisfy the standards of tomorrow, today.The use of advanced technology in conjunction with innovative functionsensures that our products can always be relied upon. Our know-howand experience also guarantee technical perfection for the future.

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