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photokina 2012, the report so far

from Mike McNamee


The biannual bun fight is progressing as this is being written and is passing off without anything too major. The hot gossip is the buy-out of Nik filters by Google so they can get their hands on Snapseed. This tied in rather well with the theme of photokina this time which is mobile imaging, along with CGI.

Nikon, Canon and Panasonic Lumix had new high end kit to show around. Canon had new A3 Pixmas which were surrounded by an impenetrable crush of punters, but we did at least get a glimpse Fujifilm were busy with their XPro 1 but has also added the new XF1 at the smaller end of the scale and the neat, viewfinderless X-E1. The mirror less systems have done away with pentaprisms to be replaced by high resolution screens such as the Epson/Seiko, Ultimicron, which was on display pardon the pun on the Epson stand



Overall the show floor space seemed a little down Hall 6 was barricaded down to about half area. It was still massive though with 11 halls in total, plus many exhibitions in the boulevard and link spaces. The statistics were a little down, but not too drastic. We did see fewer UK journalists in the press centre but perhaps they were all out working the halls doubt it though.

The theme this year was mobile imaging and CGI and so a number of exhibitors were gathered in the CGI area and a mobile imaging areas. CGI is a topic we went along to learn more about and will certainly come back to in future issues of Imagemaker.

The photographic exhibitions were impressive, none more so that the two Japanese tsunami ones from the most recent catastrophe and the 1896 one. Because it was more immediate, the large-scale ''We Survive'' set of pictures, from the aftermath of the 2011 event, was a deeply moving exhibition made even more so by the large number of Japanese visitors who were also seeing it outside of Japan for the first time. The smaller showing of the 1896 tsunami images, printed from a long-lost album showed many similarities once you filtered out the change of clothing, styles, cars and so on. It is amazing to think that as the exhibition has made its way across the oceans to Germany large structures including docks and ships have recently been washed ashore on the American western seaboard. There were a total of 20 exhibitions on display making it rather difficult to get around them all, but the quality was universally high, or interesting or both Outdoor signage developments in recent years have allowed exhibitions to be posted away from the actual halls, including the main rail terminal in Cologne, the road from the Kohl Messe train station to the halls and even a huge outdoor floor display in the square outside the Cathedral itself.

Top spot for inventive press packs went to Nikon with their dinky little model D4s in which the lens was a USB stick. McNamee spent the whole time trying to prevent people from stealing it see the images. New stuff was being released daily as the manufacturers tried to separate their new toy announcements from the general fog of war and so stuff was coming up after some of us had long-departed. Good material was even discovered over coffees in the airport departure lounge; the www.liquidimageco.com Ego cameras are most interesting and fit in places where other cameras cannot go. Best toy at the show had to be the helicopters from www.dji-innovations.com. Radio controlled, with quite a high payload capability, if you were to link them with the Ego cameras you could get up to all sorts of fun The Egos are marketed in the UK by Hahnel.

Time lapse and 3-D imaging were much in evidence and quite a lot of stands were showing motion control gear. The differences between video, time lapse and movie is becoming more blurred and is also being seamlessly woven into the newer green screen, CGI and 360 degree virtual reality methods. Opportunities abound for photographers with good background technical skills and content providers such as moofe www.moofe .com were on the prowl for international photographers who can join them and add content to their resource-based venture. And talking of location we stopped by to look at the GPS systems of foolography only to find they also had a bar-code based system for metadata implanting clients details at events - this is one we might come back to later.

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