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Published 21/04/16

Kenro Slides New Products Into Sevenoak Range

Kenro Ltd is the exclusive UK and Ireland distributor for Sevenoak photo and video equipment, and has just expanded its range of camera cages, sliders, stabilisers and panoramic heads to include something for everyone.


Three new camera cages have been launched for Sony, Panasonic and Blackmagic cameras. Cages are becoming a very popular way to expand the functionality and ease the manoeuvrability of DSLR cameras.

The SK-GHC20 is a portable aluminium cage kit for the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3 and GH4, which adds protection, stability and mounting options to the camera.

The kit includes a form-fitting cage that allows full access to the cameras controls, buttons, battery and SD card slot, as well as a top hand grip, micro HDMI adaptor cable, HDMI plug protector, and quick release base plate. To complete the kit, the cold shoes, 1/4'' and 3/8'' mounting points allow the user to mount different accessories. SRP is 209.94.

The SK-A7C1 is a portable aluminium cage kit for the Sony A7, A7S and A7R SRP 191.94, while the SK-BPC10 is built for the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera SRP 173.94 - they both have all the features of the SK-GHC20 as above, with additional stylish wooden side grips.

There is also a new range of camera stabilisers available - Sevenoak has a model to suit every camera and need.

The Sevenoak Camera Stabilizer Pro Series is a professional, precision-built handheld camera stabilising system designed for camcorders and DSLR cameras. Its features include a flexible hand grip, three-axis gimbal, adjustable counterweight discs, front and back trim screws, and quick release camera mounting platform. This stabilising system facilitates extremely smooth shooting even when working at extremes e.g. running up and down stairs. Sizes are available for small, medium and large cameras, with SRPs of 143.94, 179.94 and 215.94 respectively.


The new SK-SW Pro1 mini camera stabiliser is a compact and portable handheld stabiliser designed for use with DSLRs or small camcorders weighing up to 2.5kg. It features a carbon fibre and aluminium construction, quick release plate, foldable legs, removable counterweights and scale marks. The SRP is 155.94.

Its big brother, the Pro2, holds cameras weighing up to 3kg and has an SRP of 179.94.

Camera sliders will make the simplest of footage look like something right out of Hollywood, which is probably why they have caused such excitement. There are currently 6 different sliders available in the Sevenoak range three different lengths in the standard range, two lengths in the heavy duty range, and an ultra-light carbon fibre slider. SRPs range from 89.94 to 359.94.

Finally, for those wanting to create time lapse panoramic shots, there is a new Mechanical Panoramic Head portable turntable available in two speeds, as well as an electronic Panoramic Ball Head. Prices start from just SRP 13.14.

Paul Kench, Managing Director of Kenro, says ''We are very proud to be the exclusive agency for Sevenoak in the UK and Ireland. As you can see, the full range is really outstanding, both in terms of build quality and functionality. As ever at Kenro, we have chosen a manufacturer that not only matches our own high standards, but also produces gear at a price point to compete extremely well in this growing market sector.''sevenoak1

All quoted prices are SRP guide, including VAT

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