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Published 28/10/15

Kenro announces Sevenoak video supports

Supporting photographers turned videographers and filmmakers of every description, the high quality yet amazingly affordable Sevenoak range is available now via leading UK photographic distributor Kenro


Supporting photographers turned videographers and filmmakers of every description, the high quality yet amazingly affordable Sevenoak range is available now via leading UK photographic distributor Kenro.

Supplying the photography industry for 40 years, Kenro is very proud to introduce a comprehensive new range of camera rigs, sliders, Stabilizers and supports from a new addition to its stable accessory brand 'Sevenoak'. All products are aimed at furthering the creativity of videographers in helping them to deliver more professional looking results.

Once again from Kenro, this is a brand that focuses on high quality accessories at affordable prices, attractively presented. And, with video production for social media and e-commerce exploding at the time of writing, the introduction of this dedicated product line up is particularly timely.

''Use of digital SLR and CSC for shooting video is a huge growth area, especially with the rise in manufacturers offering 4K video,'' confirms Kenro MD Paul Kench. ''As photographers and videographers can now buy a camera for a reasonable price allowing them to shoot good quality video, its natural that they will also want an equally affordable stabilizer, slider, or rig, to get good quality results.''

A case in point is the Sevenoak SKEBH01 Electronic Ball Head for time lapse shooting. The Sevenoak Camera Sliders and Mini Action Stabilizer SKW08, which allows the attachment of action cameras and smart phones, will also prove popular with a wide user demographic.

Another sure-to-be-popular option are the Sevenoak Camera Stabilizer Pro Series - for which there are three models supporting varying weights in the SKSW01, 02 and 03. These can bear loads of 4.5kg, 3.5kg and 3kg respectively.

''These are high quality products, yet the price points are accessible to the enthusiast,'' continues Kenros MD. ''We perceive two main markets for the Sevenoak range the first is made up of those who have bought a CSC or a DSLR, and are enthusiastic about the video function. They want to avoid shaky handheld results, while at the same time they have an enthusiast, mid market-type budget.

''The second possible market is businesses such as ourselves, who are being asked by clients do you have any demonstration videos of products we can put on our website Not everyone can spend thousands of pounds having videos professionally produced by a production company- but then again they dont want poor results from a handheld camera or a standard photo tripod. Im confident that there is plenty of demand for people to produce videos for YouTube. The new Sevenoak range is simply about enabling these people to produce better quality videos.''

All Sevenoak video supports are covered by a 2 year warranty. T&Cs apply. Please see website for details.

All new Sevenoak video support products

From ball-head to support rig a wealth of Sevenoak options

With a host of new Sevenoak products launched simultaneously, weve picked out some choice hero products and rounded up the key features of each.

For example, now photographers shooting movies dont need to spend a fortune to make professional time-lapse videos. The Sevenoak SKEBH01 Electronic Ball Head is a panoramic head specially designed for DSLR or video cameras up to 1.5kg in weight, as well as Go Pro type action cameras and smartphones.

With a -inch thread on top allowing for the camera to be directly mounted onto this device, a built-in feature enables users to select rotating angles and timings on the Electronic Ball Head, facilitating time-lapse photography. This product can be used standalone, on a tripod, or even mounted onto a slider from the same manufacturer.

Sevenoak SKEBH01 Electronic Ball Head specifications

360 panning action
Internal timing mechanism
-inch tripod screw on top, and also at the base
1.5kg &8232;maximum load capacity
6 hours battery operating time with 1kg load
4 hours battery charging time
-10 to 45 working temperature
Battery capacity of 1200 Mah

Also ideal for adding a slick level of professionalism to amateur videos are Sevenoak Camera Sliders - currently available in three lengths 60cm, 85cm and 120cm, and capable of supporting weights of 10kg, 8kg and 5kg respectively. These are sturdy and portable accessories ideal for shooting smooth and steady tracking shots without the need for a full dolly system and tracks, thereby making them an ideal option for individuals or companies who are looking for an easy and affordable system to enhance their video shots.

Furthermore they can be used either on a tripod or on a flat surface, with feet included. The rail conveniently provides both -inch and 3/8-inch screw threads for attaching a camera and fluid head, if so desired.

Sevenoak Camera Slider specifications

Available in 60cm, 85cm and 120cm widths
Smooth guide rail &8232;
Can be used with a tripod or on a flat surface
Feet included
Rail features 1/4-inch and 3/8-inch screw threads

In addition to the above, there are two further Heavy Duty Camera Sliders available in 75cm and 100cm widths, capable of supporting 15kg and 12kg weights respectively.

These are built with precision bearings to ensure a smooth and quiet action, with, as their product name suggests, a heavy-duty aluminium build. Again these can be used standalone, or mounted between two tripods. A carry case is included.

More professional options still arrive in the shape of the Sevenoak Camera Stabilizer Pro Series, as mentioned in our introduction. This is a precision built system designed for ultra smooth shooting with DSLRs and camcorders - even when running up or down stairs This three-strong product line up features a flexible hand grip, three-axis gimbal, adjustable counterweight discs, front and back screws and quick-release camera mounting platform.

The three models to choose from support maximum loads of 4.5kg, 3.5kg and 3kg, with maximum heights of 75cm, 59cm and 44cm respectively.

Sevenoak Camera Stabilizer Pro Series specifications

Quick release camera mounting platform
Three axis precision gimbal
Rigid aluminium build
Adjustable counterweight discs
Lightweight design

More consumer friendly and yet more affordable options arrive in the Sevenoak Camera Stabilizer series, which includes the Sevenoak Mini Action Stabilizer. Suitable for making videos with smartphones and action cameras, this ultra light option uses counter weights and a gimbal to keep the camera steady - just like the more professional models. Once again the result is smoother, steadier video for more accomplished looking movies - without the need to break the bank, or hire a Hollywood cameraman.

Sevenoak Mini Action Stabilizer specifications

Super smooth gimbal action
Compatible with Go Pro and other action cameras
Built in spirit level
Adjustable counterweight discs
Compatible with smartphones by adding other mounting devices
0.5kg maximum weight capacity

To sum up, the Sevenoak range is all about combining high quality products with affordable price tags to deliver professional results. We invite you to start exploring the series of video stabilization products now.

Suggested retail prices for the new Sevenoak line up start from 39.96 including VAT

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