Published 06/11/17

New Cambo PCH Tripod Head

Cambo is pleased to announce the new PCH (Precision Controlled Head) tripod head to complement the Actus range of technical cameras and DSLR systems.


The PCH features tilt, swing and rotation just the same as a ball head however with the addition of precision gears for fine tuned tilt and swing. The precision geared movements are self locking and available in any position of the head.

As with other Cambo heads the top plate rotates 360 degrees, however the new PCH has a full 360 degree rotation at the base enabling precise nodal capture.

The PCH features a quick release top and includes a 1/4'' plate. This is the same QR plate that is supplied with the CBH-6, which has a safety lock preventing your camera loosening in the mount.

When the 1/4'' QR mount is removed you can attach the Cambo ACTUS camera and Wide RS camera system. This is an ARCA style mount, and is useful for quickly attaching your camera system, balancing the ACTUS on the head and how close/away you need to position the camera when shooting in the studio or setting up copy stand and macro shots.

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PCH Adjustment

An additional function that will benefit most photographers is the ability to adjust the controls to your own preferences. You can adjust the manual and geared movements to the way you want them to be.

  • 360 manual panning at the top and bottom plate
  • Position click indication every 90 at the top and bottom plate
  • 140 X-axis tilt 30 backwards 110 forward
  • Separate manual fast or geared fine movement around the X-axis
  • 140 Y-axis pivot 30 backwards 110 forward
  • Separate manual fast or geared fine movement around the Y-axis
  • X-, Y- and Z-axis rotate over the same point
  • When X-, Y- and Z-axis locking knobs are open the PCH can move freely
  • like a normal spherical head.
  • Adjustable geared friction
  • Adjustable manual friction
  • Arca compatible clamp
  • 4 large spirit levels
  • Durable stainless steel 3/8 and 1/4 tripod mounting options.

Size and Weight

  • height 130 mm incl. plate
  • width 110 mm
  • depth 102 mm
  • weight 1200 gram

Availability and Price

The PCH is available now at 984.00 ex.TAX/VAT and shipment. Cambo are taking orders now please contact your local dealer for further information.

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