Published 20/02/17

SIRUI will be introducing the R-3213X tripod at The Photography Show 2017

The SIRUI R-3213X tripod is designed for photographers and filmmakers who want to remain flexible.


This triple-application tripod is supplied with a centrecolumn, a large mounting plate and a 75mm half bowl adapter - all of which areinterchangeable at any time.

Like all of the tripods in the SIRUI RX series, the R-3213X has a high load capacity.Robust and stable, the R-3213X is well suited for studio work and can quickly be set upto a tall working height and easily support large, heavy camera equipment. And while itwill never be a travel tripod, the R-3213X is portable enough to make it ideal for naturephotographers and filmmakers needing stability in the field.

The unique feature of the RX series, including the R-3213X, is the removable mountingplate. It can be removed and swapped for either a centre column or the 75mm halfbowl adapter. This means that you can raise the height of the tripod to its maximum height of 1790mm with the centre column or, using the 75mm half bowladapter, attach and use any 75mmhalf ball fluid head for video work.

The legs are constructed from 10-layercarbon fibre making them extremelystrong and light as well as incrediblystable and each tripod comes with aset of non-slip rubber feet, for shootingin the studio, and a set of robuststainless steel spikes to add additionalstability when shooting on location.


The hallmark of all SIRUI products isthe attention to detail, developingproducts from the ground up with thephotographer in mind. The corefeatures of stability, strength,portability that are at the heart of theR-3213X, and all of the tripods withinthe SIRUI range, will appeal to imagemakers who want the best equipment.

Core features of the SIRUR-3213X tripodI
- Aluminium head support plate fittedwith a 3/8 screw. An additional fixingscrew is located in the mounting plateto prevent accidental rotation ofequipment.
- 75mm half bowl adapter can beused in place of the mounting plate asnecessary.
- Centre column provides anadditional 38 cm of height.Sealed twist locks with rubber grip
- 10 layer carbon fibre, super-lightweight, stable, low-vibration
- Integrated spirit level for precise adjustments
- Three solid ratchet steps on the legs allow flexible use.
- Leg angle locking mechanism - the legs lock automatically when folding down.
- Foam rubber leg wraps protect against high and low temperatures.
- Rubber feet and stainless steel spikes included.
- Bag strap can be used as tripod strap.
- Stabilising hook.

The Photography Show 2017
The SIRUI R-3213X will be on show atnext months Photography Show at theNEC 18-21 March 2017.This will be the first time thatphotography and filmmakingenthusiasts will be able to try theR-3213X themselves and see the fullversatility and stability of the tripod.In addition, the whole SIRUI family oftripods will be on display at C21.

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