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Published 24/08/13

Seculine Twin-1 R4 Wireless Shutter Release

For studio photography, travel and for the enthusiast the freedom to move around your subject

For studio photography, travel and for the enthusiast the freedom to move around your subject, to be in the picture your self rather than be left behind the camera, or the flexibility to take long exposures without disturbing the camera can create stunning images.

The new Twin-1 R4 wireless remote control has the ability to trigger your shutter from up to 300ft 100m away from the camera, with the added capability to operate a delayed shutter release and fire your camera in Bulb mode.

The Twin 1-R4 is supplied with a sender unit packaged together with a small receiver unit which connects directly into the Nikon shutter release port and can be left permanently attached to the camera for convenience.

For occasions where a cable release is more convenient, such as working from behind the camera a cable for wired release is also included.

The Twin-1 R4 for Nikon is compatible with Nikon cameras with a built in Electronic shutter release port has a suggested retail price of 39.99 including Vat.

For further details please contact Intro2020 on 01628 674411 or visit http//www.intro2020.co.uk

Product features

Long operation range up to 100meters
Supports both wired and wireless shutter release
Supports bulb shutter release
Bright white LED can also be used as flash light
Compact sized receiver
Receiver powered by the camera
Battery Transmitter 23A type battery 12V
Wireless maximum range with receiver 100meters
Weight and size
Transmitter 19g, 26 x 88 x 17 mm
Receiver 6g, 15 x 15 x 22 mm
Compatible cameras
Nikon D1, D2H, D2X, D3, D200, D300, D700, F5, F6, F100
Fuji S5pro, S3pro
Kodak DCS Pro SLR/n

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