Published 21/05/13

The ultimate, must-have photo package

New Rollei lenses for the iPhone 5


Anyone still looking to spend their holiday money on a great accessory for the iPhone 5 will hit it big at Rollei With a total of three lenses for the iPhone 5 camera, Rollei makes it easy to expand the phone's range of use. After all, smartphone photo technology quickly reaches its limits due to design size constraints. Smartphones can, however, be used as an entry into digital photography. The lack of special lens settings is unfortunate, and therefore real lenses and objectives have to be provided that do not negatively affect the smartphone's mobility. The new Rollei lenses promise to ensure exactly that level of flexibility They are easy to attach and have a high-quality lens design that eliminates errors when taking pictures. An optical glass and aluminium body provide an optimal perspective with an extremely light weight

Rollei 1.5x Macro
When small things need to come out really big The macro lens for your iPhone 5 is an ideal partner for nature lovers and fans of close-up photography. With its 1.5x zoom and a picture angle of 58 degrees, every detail will be captured with high resolution in the macro range. The aspherical glass lens with a complex curved surface offers outstanding image error adjustments, thereby contributing to a substantially improved resolution. Other technical details include Interocular distance of 3 mm, minimum focusing distance of 22 mm, dimensions of 65 mm in length, 22 mm, 1.8 g net weight. The Rollei 1.5 Macro will be available in stores from the end of June for a recommended retail price of EUR 24.95.


Rollei 0.28x Tele fish
Endless expanses With the patented Fisheye lens for your iPhone 5, you can successfully take breathtaking panoramas and pictures with extraordinary effects. As a result, this small lens turns out to be a must have for anyone wishing to turn their simple holiday pictures into spectacular shots. The lens comprises two glass elements in three groups. The minimum focusing distance is 40 mm. Other technical details include interocular distance of 3 mm, 0.28x zoom, dimensions of 17.3 mm in length, 26.4 mm, 11.4 g net weight. The Rollei 0.28 Tele fish will be available in stores from the end of June for a recommended retail price of EUR 34.95.

Rollei 9x Tele
For iPhone paparazzi The telephoto lens for your iPhone 5 zooms in on shots 9x, with a picture angle of 12 degrees. Because it is paired with a mini tripod included in the scope of delivery you can wait comfortably for the anticipated scene and snap away at the right moment. Just like the two other lenses mentioned above, the 9x Tele is attached to the iPhone via a hard case that is also supplied. The lens is 79 mm long and 30 mm wide. This telephoto lens comprises eight glass elements in five groups with an interocular distance of 3 mm. The iPhone user can ad just the focus easily using the lens ring; the scale ranges from three metres to infinity. The Rollei 9x Tele will be available in stores from the end of June for a recommended retail price of EUR 39.95.

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