Published 07/01/15

OVI teams up with 3XM

No its not some cryptic code, One Vision Imaging, one of the UK's leading professional photographic laboratories has indeed teamed up with the 3XM Solution team to bring you what they believe is the perfect USB solution.


The capability of perfect opportunity of selling your images long after your client transaction is complete.

Managing Director Derek Poulston told us 'We've been looking for a high quality USB product for some time now and whenever we found something we thought was suitable, we found ourselves comparing it to that of 3XM Solution's market leading product. At the same time the team at 3XM Solution were searching for a high-quality professional photographic laboratory for their print solution fulfilment. In a nutshell, we met, we agreed and we came together to deliver what we believe is the very best USB package in Europe, the 3XM Solution'

Think about it. The photographer hands their images over to their clients on a digital delivery device or they sell products directly to their client and typically this is the end of the client transaction. Well not anymore it seems The 3XM Solution gives the photographer opportunities to sell products, even after their transaction with the client has ended.

One Vision Imaging


Seriously interested, we dug deeper by asking a few more questions;

So how does it work
By creating a beautiful online image gallery, the photographers client can share their images via social media Note As the images are not actually hosted on the social media platform there are no issues related to the recent copyright changes to Facebook. Every time the images or gallery get shared the photographers brand and business details get shared too which is a great way to promote their business to future clients. Not only this, but the online gallery can be viewed on any device and even saved as an app on their clients phone.

Images that keep on selling
Now, when the photographers client or their family and friends view the online gallery they have the option to purchase products. As the photographer, they get to decide which products they want to offer, view the lab prices for each product and very easily create a pricelist for their clients. The best bit They the photographer keep 100 percent of the profits.

Beautiful Products, fulfilled by a professional lab you can trust
With a comprehensive range of products available from One Vision Imaging, you can relax in the knowledge that any products ordered by the photographers clients will be of the highest professional quality. This solution means that even after the photographer has completed the job they can continue to earn money from product sales. And since it's completely free for them to try, they've got nothing to lose.

Online Gallery 'share and sell' plans
Unlimited online galleries with up to 100 images - FREE
Pro250 - Online gallery with up to 250 images - £5 VAT
Pro1000 - Online gallery with up to 1000 images - £10 VAT

Contact http://www.3xmsolution.com

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