Published 07/07/15

It's an exciting time for wedding photographers around the world

As of the end of June 2015, eighteen countries now recognize same-sex marriages.


On the 22nd May 2015 a referendum was held in Ireland where the Irish people decided that marriage should be recognised regardless of the sex of the partners. The Supreme Court also enshrined same-sex marriages as legal across the entirety of the United States on The 26th June 2015. The landmark ruling in the US has been hailed as a victory of love by people around the world, but what opportunities will this offer wedding photographers

Same-sex marriages have been legal here in England and Wales for almost eighteen months now and for just over six months in Scotland and business is booming for those photographers who have embraced marriage equality in their businesses. Paul Grace is a photographer who jumped feet-first into the same-sex wedding market.

Paul went into business shooting weddings in 2013 after being made redundant. Being gay himself it felt natural to gravitate towards the same-sex market. I started shooting weddings just as the same-sex marriage bill was about to be passed in England, it was a very exciting time for everyone in the LGBT community Same-sex weddings often dont have the same constraints of tradition that heterosexual weddings do meaning that unusual opportunities can present themselves to the photographer during the course of a day. Paul told me about one of his highlights from last year a couple I photographed hired a drag queen for the reception - it was fantastic Her interaction with the grooms and guests made for some really awesome images.

You can see more of Paulís work here

Same-sex weddings are a significant and growing market and they really can be great fun he tells me when I ask why photographers should seek out gay and lesbian clients for their wedding photography business. Paul also gave me his best advice for posing couples during their wedding; during the day, and especially the couple portraits, I ask my brides and grooms to simply be themselves. That way I am able to capture their true dynamic.

But lets not forget there is a long way to go until the whole world has marriage equality. Same-sex love is still illegal in seventy-five countries according to the ILGA and eight of those still carry the death penalty for same-sex intimacy. Even the United States drags behind many countries you may now be able to marry whomever you choos, but twenty-eight states still dont offer protection from being fired for simply loving someone of the same sex.

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