Published 06/12/17

Safe and sure - with used photo equipment

With recent pressure on Amazon and eBay to cut out duty and tax dodging sellers, photographers can do better buying used.


With recent pressure on Amazon and eBay to cut out duty and tax dodging sellers, photographers can do better buying used. There's no need to risk being sent a returned item re-stocked without checking, or goods from outside the normal warranty zone, just to save a small amount.

Pre-owned kit properly assessed, checked and priced can be found from mpb.com, the UK and USA based world leaders in the trusted used photographic marketplace.

All sellers have to offer fair return policies, so some buyers will order new items they want to try out, knowing there is no risk as they can send them back for a refund - it's cheaper than hiring a lens for the trip' may be dishonest but it happens.

Reputable dealers sell opened box and ex-demo stock at a small reduction but the biggest on-line sellers may simply send to the next customer as if untouched. You may find it hard to tell the origin and tax status of goods sold or get a correctly detailed receipt for business accounting.

MPB website

mpb.com buys and sells for thousands of photographers, offering part-exchange and system of quoting, collecting and confirming condition which had earned the company a five-star rating on Trustpilot. It's also a very safe place to sell, with no risk of auction site buyer protection' swallowing both your goods and your money.

MPB gives a six-month warranty and 7 day returns period based on their own checking and approval process, and some items may carry an additional manufacturer's warranty.

Every item is individually photographed, no stock product images are used for the on-line listing. The descriptions are carefully standardised down to the shutter count, physical marks, general state of wear and lens dust.

MPB's transactions comply fully with VAT and tax rules, you get proper paperwork and deal personally with photographic specialists. ''MPB was started because we wanted to provide photographers and filmmakers with a trustworthy and hassle-free process when buying and selling used gear online'', they say - and that's exactly what they have succeeded in doing.

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