Published 15/09/16

The NEW book from Damien Lovegrove, PORTRAITS, is now available to download!

Damien Lovegrove has produced an all new portrait book designed to inspire and help photographers to take professional level portraits.


PORTRAITS is a 356 page eBook which educates and motivates readers to become better photographers by helping them to understand and master some of the most creative techniques in photography. The book features 348 photographs taken by Damien, each with its own back story, lighting notes and exposure details.

''This epic body of work represents five years of my creative life.'' says Damien Lovegrove. ''Everything I know about photographing people is in this book. Ive combined the how to approach to book writing with a fine body of photographs, deconstructed to reveal the strategies and creative vision within.''

As a professional photographer with over 35 years experience, internationally recognised Fujifilm X Series Ambassador, Damien Lovegrove has developed a style and look all of his own. For the first time, he has consolidated all of his extensive knowledge and passion for portrait photography into one book, PORTRAITS. Each chapter focuses on a specific area of portrait photography and gives clear explanations and insights into the techniques Damien uses to produce his unique style of imagery. Topics covered in the book include Portraiture Foundations, Lighting Mastery, Urban Portraits, Hollywood Portraits, Boudoir, Nudes, Figure in the Landscape, Studio and Workflow from Concept to Print.

Read this short extract from PORTRAITS

Create the moment or the mood. Once youve got the exposure and the technical bit sorted, take time to re-engage with your sitter. Put the camera down or to the side with the parameters still set and discuss the mood you want to create. Dont expect your sitter to be an actor; its up to you to create the perfect mood for the reaction you want. The approach I take when working with children and adults is the same although the techniques are different. If you want an intimate, natural look then you need to pull that look into the lens. This takes rapport, trust and respect on both parts but when the mood clicks, magic happens. If you are shooting a heavy, sad or emotional portrait be sure to lighten the mood with laughter once you have the shot. I like to share my images on the back of the camera as I go. That way the sitter feels more involved in the creative process and is able to adapt their look as required.

PORTRAITS by Damien Lovegrove available here


Feedback from photographers and image makers has been glowing

''If youre serious about portrait photography, this book is a must have. A wealth of information put together by Damien. His easy to learn, keep it simple approach makes you want get out there and start shooting. It is beautifully put together by a man whose passion is photography.'' - Chris

''When the master speaks, everyone listens. Damien has condensed all of his photographic genius into a 356 page, beautifully illustrated and technically complete masterpiece. His advice is all encompassing; from establishing a rapport with his clients and setting up a shoot, to his camera settings, workflow and his tips in the digital darkroom. This book is a necessity for any photographer, like myself, who wishes to elevate the level of their portraiture from snapshot to art.'' - Marie

There are two cover options available for the book and the purchaser will get the chance to choose the one they prefer.

In addition to PORTRAITS, Damien has produced a master guide to the Fujifilm X system for portrait shooters entitled The Fujifilm X System Guide for Portrait Photographers

The Fujifilm X System Guide for Portrait Photographers is a bespoke 92 page illustrated guide to the complete Fujifilm X system. Aimed squarely at portrait photographers, this guide not only looks at the equipment options available, but also at the settings required to get the very best from the Fujifilm X cameras and lenses.

Fujifilm X series cameras and lenses have received global acclaim for their exceptional image quality. The Fujifilm X System Guide for Portrait Photographers by Damien Lovegrove guides the reader through this versatile professional level shooting system helping them make the decisions that matter from equipment choice to camera settings. Damien Lovegrove thoroughly understands the Fujifilm X Series cameras and lenses. Throughout the 92 page guide he explains key benefits and shares optimum camera settings for each given portrait situation. This unique guide is illustrated with over 60 beautiful portraits taken with each of the lenses and cameras discussed. This is the most comprehensive eBook ever written about the Fujifilm X Series cameras and Fujinon Lenses, and is a must buy for anyone considering switching to the Fujifilm system, or wanting to get the absolute best out of their current Fujifilm camera equipment.

Praise for The Fujifilm X System Guide for Portrait Photographers

''An overview of the complete Fujifilm X System, cameras and lenses from the first X-100, to the X-T2 and X-Pro2 of today. All the technical settings and possibilities of this great camera system are discussed along with how to use these to improve your photography. A beautiful, very useful and easy to read book'' - Ioannis Tsouloulis Fujifilm X Ambassador

''Finally THE book that I can recommend to those who ask me whether it is better to buy an X-T2 or an X-Pro2, if mirrorless are able to compete with SLR, or simply if they could use the Fujifilm X-series.'' - Max De Martino Fujifilm X-Ambassador

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