Published 30/01/15

The internet is changing the way we learn about photography

Launching next week, London-based LearnshedLive is a fresh new startup offering an exciting new twist to online learning and knowledge share


It's called live stream learning. Workshops which are not only free to watch, but also broadcast live on air. This learning format is new to the UK and combines the freedom and convenience that learning online offers, with all the excitement of a live TV show. It's interactive too, so as a member it's free to join you'll be able to ask questions and submit work in advance to be discussed during the live shows. It's not that easy, or cheap for that matter, to find really great in-depth photography workshops. Finding experts and relevant subject matter takes time to research and you'll often have to travel far to learn with the best. That's why LearnShedLive have decided to focus their first live show on photography, specifically focusing on alternatives to Photoshop. It meets a growing trend of both amateur and professional photographers who don't necessarily want to tackle the complexities that Adobe offers. They want quicker and simpler ways to edit. After all, most photographers would much rather be behind the lens than in front of their computer correcting their photos. The workshop is presented by industry expert, Bob Campbell. It runs on www.learnshedlive.com from 10.30am 1.30pm on 4th & 5th February.

What's the workshop about

LearnShedLive has spent time researching the best alternatives to Photoshop. Although not that well known in the UK, onOne software came out as one of the clear winners for them. However they don't work commercially with onOne. They carry out their own independent research to discover the best solutions for their members and work with expert teachers to deliver the workshops.

If you'd like to submit your work in advance of the show for discussion, please email hellolearnshedlive.com with 'Alternatives to Photoshop - Bob Campbell' in the title, tell them your name, attach one image and explain what you'd like to achieve with it. They will do their best to answer all submissions live on air during the 2 days. More photography workshops will be announced in the coming weeks, see the website www.learnshedlive.com for upcoming details.

More on LearnShedLive
The e-learning industry is booming and LearnShedLive's audience is made up of those who have hobbies on weekends or have a passion and are trying to figure out how they can make that into a business, as well as those interested in furthering skills to expand their own knowledge. They offer a buy if you miss it approach to their members, offering its content for free the first time around and if you want access to a recorded version of the show to re-watch or because you've missed it the first time, you pay to download or stream the video so it's yours to refer back to anytime you want. The prices are attractive too and it's good to know that all downloads help fund their free education model.

LearnshedLive Website

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