Published 03/11/16

Loupedecka ground-breaking controller for photo editing

Nokia alumni tackle efficient photo editing with 'Loupedeck' - an intuitive and ergonomic solution which allows for total manipulation of Adobe Lightroom

Today, a team of Ex-Nokia product developers and photography enthusiasts announce Loupedeck, a photo editing controller for serious photographers and graphic designers, available for backing on global crowdfunding platform Indiegogo.

Replacing the traditional approach to photo editing, which is done through a mouse (or pen) and keyboard, Loupedeck offers an innovative new way for professional photographers to keep the editing workflow continuous so that they can focus on what’s really important - the end result.

Key features and specifications of Loupedeck:

  • Ease and speed of the photo editing process, transforming the way users think about time management, workflow, posture and ergonomics
  • Intuitive control of Adobe Lightroom
  • Improved workflow, meaning a reduction in the amount of unnecessary interruptions
  • Increased output lets users work quickly, editing thousands of pictures to make the ones that count stand out
  • Loupedeck is patent pending
  • Seamless and intuitive collaboration between the eyes and hands, allowing users to focus on the picture for an intuitive and rewarding photo editing experience

The team behind Loupedeck was founded after CEO Mikko Kesti and former Nokia employee Esa Alanen found they shared a common goal: maximising workflow efficiency in photo editing. Esa and his Tampere-based team of tech experts, all of whom have previously worked at Nokia, are looking to use their industry experience to turn Loupedeck into the number one solution for amateur and professional photographers around the globe.

''We’ve spent a lot of time with professional photographers, studied their workflow and ergonomics in order to create a controller that is as sophisticated and intuitive as possible,'' says Mikko Kesti, CEO, Loupedeck. ''As a result, Loupedeck’s design is reminiscent of a DJ-mixing desk. It allows any aspiring or established professional working with Adobe Lightroom to level-up their productivity and efficiency, all the while staying focused on what is important - high-quality results.''

Internationally renowned and award-winning advertising photographer Jere Hietala commented: ''Loupedeck is something totally different in terms of photography and post production. It is exactly what we need on the market, a totally new concept, the idea that photo editing can be done mechanically with your hands. It’s going to be faster and users will find their own favourite controls to speed up their workflow and enhance the overall editing process. Furthermore, it’s going to bring a totally new perspective when working with clients and advertising agencies, for example, in terms of a new workflow, a new way of communicating.''

From 1 November 2016, Loupedeck is launching an Indiegogo campaign which aims to secure backing for the product in order to continue its development and global availability. You can find the campaign at the website below

Contact https://igg.me/at/loupedeck

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