Published 02/11/16

Macphun Luminar The all in one Photo Editor for Mac is now available for pre order

Luminar introduces new ''personal darkroom'' conceptA powerful photo editing alternative to Aperture and Lightroom


Luminar, Macphun’s first all-in-one photo editor, is now available for special pre-order pricing at macphun.com/luminar. Introducing a brand new personal darkroom approach to photo editing, Luminar addresses the many varied needs and skill level of any photographer through an innovative user experience which adapts to the capabilities and knowledge of the user.

Luminar is designed for simplicity, creativity and speed, resulting in a powerful platform for the widest range of customers; from the new shooter and amateur hobbyist, to professional photographers. Personalized workspaces, a bevy of creative filters, image correction tools, layers & masking, and extensive file import/export capabilities make Luminar a compelling solution for anyone interested in photos on a Mac.

What are the key features in Luminar?

Adaptive user interface
Users can choose between four different interface modes with just one click, varying from basic to advanced.

Over 35 custom filters are available in Luminar, with each filter being fully adjustable and offering a set of precise & easy to use controls. Built-in visual tips help people explore the best possible look for their image.

Workspaces are sets of different filters which have been grouped together to act as ''personal darkrooms'', featuring only the tools a user most wants in their workflow at a time. Luminar comes with four Workspaces by default and users can easily customize and save their own.

One-click presets
Users can choose from over 50 built-in presets grouped by photography style, and also save a group of pre-adjusted filters to create their own preset.

Powerful selective masking tools and blend modes
Luminar provides a wide selection of easy-to-use masking tools for selective image editing, including an adjustable editing brush, radial mask, gradient mask and luminosity masking. Masks can be applied to layers in the traditional sense or, in a breakthrough innovation can be applied by individual filter. This makes for a never-seen-before and completely natural editing experience. Blend modes by layer and filter provide even more creative flexibility.

More features for ''all-in-one'' versatility:

  • RAW file support - Luminar contains the latest RAW file libraries. Macphun is committed to regular free updates to the software to maintain best-in-class RAW file compatibility.
  • Noise reduction - Luminar features a variety of noise reduction presets and an algorithm that automatically detects the optimum starting point.
  • Object removal - A spot-healing brush and a clone-stamp tool tackle the common challenge of removing pesky objects in photos.
  • History panel - Ideal for ''back-tracing'' to earlier editing steps, the History panel allows users to effortlessly explore new avenues of creativity.
  • Operates as a standalone or plug-in - Use Luminar as a standalone or plug-in to Lightroom, Photoshop, Aperture, Photos for Mac, or any host software that accepts external editors.

Luminar is now available for pre-order at macphun.com/luminar

The pre-order will run from November 2nd until November 17th.

Contact https://macphun.com/luminar

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