Published 07/01/16

XPD Introduces ColorChecker Video Bundle Cashback Offer

Until January 31 st 2016, customers can purchase the ColorChecker Video and ColorChecker Passport Video bundle and claim £25 cashback.


XPD, Europe’s leading distributor of hardware, software, accessories and consumables in to the digital imaging and graphics market, have today announced a £25 cashback offer on its two latest products - the ColorChecker Vidoe and ColorChecker Passport Video when purchased together as a special bundle.

The ColorChecker Vidoe Series targets work in harmony to reduce video editing time, improve colour balance control, make it easier to match multiple cameras and simplify colour editing for mixed lighting conditions.

The ColorChecker Video provides colour, skin tone and grey references on one side and a spectrally neutral white balance target on the other side. This larger target is a perfect tool for precamera checks and wider shots. The ColorChecker Passport Video will enable you to get a better cameratocamera match, achieve perfect exposure and easily edit for mixed lighting in a convenient portable protective case, helping to reduce your video editing time and improve your creative workflow. The portability of the ColorChecker Passport Video and the inclusion of the focus checker makes it an ideal companion for shooting in the field.

40Year Heritage
The ColorChecker brand from XRite has enjoyed a positive reputation in the photo market for nearly 40 years. Now, the ColorChecker targets for video bring that unique colour science to the world of video, delivering versatility on set and improved productivity in editing. Professionals and hobbyists can now take advantage of ColorChecker targets that are specifically tuned for video production.

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The Details

The new XRite ColorChecker Video targets are available in two forms to deliver consistent, predictable and repeatable results, frame to frame and camera to camera.

ColorChecker Passport Video delivers all in one pocketsized convenience in a rugged hard case with four different targets:
A colour reference for evaluating specific chromatic colours aligned with video production, including skin tones, grey balance and highlights and shadows.
White balance for creating a consistent neutral white point, eliminating the need to correct each frame later.
3step greyscale target that includes white highlight, 40 IRE midtone grey and saturated black references.
A focus target that facilitates center and edge focus.

ColorChecker Video’s larger format is great for camera checks, and for wider shots, both in studio and on location. It includes:
Two series of greyscale patches: 7 smaller patches for even grey balance with extra steps close to the highlight and shadow regions, and 4 larger grey level rectangles, including a high gloss black, that are easily recognized by the camera,
A range of skin tone patches from light to dark along the outer edge for easy alignment.
A series of saturated and desaturated chromatic colours allowing for appropriate colour and saturation adjustments.
A full size white balance target on the reverse side.

For more information about XRite solutions for photo and video, please visit xritephoto.com and www.xritevideo.com .

Bundle Price: £236.40 inc VAT

How To Claim Cashback:
Simply visit www.xritecashback.com/en/ and complete the online claim form. Upload a copy of your qualifying purchase receipt or invoice and serial numbers within 45 days of making your purchase, and you will receive your cash back via BACS within 14 days

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