Published 25/01/18

55% of photographers find colour management has a lasting impression on monitors and printouts

Datacolor team up with The Leica Forum to understand how colour management improves workflow for photographers.


Datacolor, a global leader in colour management solutions has teamed up with The Leica Forum to demonstrate the benefits of colour management. The survey was conducted by Andreas Jürgensen and received responses from 750 members of the Leica, System Camera and Fuji X forums. The survey captures a snapshot of the photography community and details insights into how colour management is incorporated into their workflow and their opinions of the improvements it has on the quality of their work.

The survey reveals the following insights:

  • 23% of participants have a calibrated workflow, 21% do not use colour management at all
  • Of those who do, 75% use a monitor to calibrate their devices
  • 77% of participants edit their pictures in RAW on a desktop computer
  • 42% who have printed via service provider have been disappointed by the colour reproduction
  • 55% found colour management provides better quality of printouts and a lasting image impression on monitors and printouts 36% had less waste on printing and 14% had a faster workflow

If you’ve been disappointed when you view your images on another monitor or received your prints from the lab, chances are your monitor is not accurately calibrated. Datacolor offer a range of solutions to allow photographers to achieve the most accurate colour calibration.

To read the full report, visit here


Image Capturing
The Datacolor SpyderCHECKR helps photographers control their colour from capture to ensure consistency is achieved.

Datacolor’s SpyderCUBE accelerates RAW processing by taking one reference shot under any light condition to set the white balance, exposure, black level and brightness right from the start for your entire series of photos.

Display Calibration
The Spyder5 monitor calibration range, made up of the Spyder5EXPRESS, the Spyder5PRO and the Spyder5ELITE, offer straightforward solutions to photographers of all abilities and needs.

Photographers can now upgrade their Spyder5 software to Spyder5PRO+ or Spyder5ELITE+ for even more control and a more sophisticated calibration solution. The Spyder5+ solution’s new intuitive and innovative features are designed to simplify your workflow.

Print Profiling
Datacolor SpyderPRINT is a full-featured solution that provides photographers the tools to create a custom ICC profile at home for any combination of printer, ink and media, simply and quickly.

Datacolor Spyder5STUDIO is the ultimate colour calibration solution. The Spyder5STUDIO contains the SpyderCUBE, the Sypder5ELITE, and the SypderPRINT, allowing photographers to control their colour from shoot, to edit, to print.

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