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Published 25/10/18

One Size Fits All With Marumi's New Magnetic Filter Family From Kenro

If you're a photographer in a hurry and who isn't these days?


Then the latest filter family from Marumi promises to be exactly what you need. The ultra slim M100 Magnetic Filter Holder at the heart of the new system screws neatly into the front of your lens; after that, fitting or changing a filter takes a matter of moments. You simply need to snap them on or off quickly attaching and detaching filters is made easy by the magnets, and the set-up is much more compact than a traditional slot-in system.

The magnet employed by Marumi is so powerful that up to three stacked filters can be used in tandem, opening the door to a range of different effects. It also means that the filter is held tightly and securely. This, together with the foam gasket found on the back of the M100, effectively eliminates the light leaking issues that often beset those working with traditional slot-in style square filters.

Another huge advantage of the new system is that the M100 Magnetic Filter Holder is designed to fit a wide variety of lenses there are adapter rings supplied for thread sizes 72, 77 and 82mm, with the option to use stepping rings for other sizes if needed and this then accepts one standard size of filter, so you dont need to buy separate versions for each lens youre working with. SRP for the M100 Magnetic Filter Holder is £125.94.

Full details see Kenro's website here


Available for use with this filter holder are nine different density classifications of 100mm square ND filter, from ND4 (0.6) up to ND32000 (4.5), each with an SRP of £179.94. There are also three classifications each of soft graduated ND, hard graduated ND and reverse graduated ND filters. Available in ND4, ND8 and ND16, these filters are all 100x150mm with an SRP of £199.98. A soft graduated ND filter shows no obvious transition between the dark and light areas of the frame, while a hard graduated version does show a clear boundary between those areas. Meanwhile a reverse graduated ND filter is ideal for photographing events such as sunrises and sunsets, where the brightest point on the image is close to the horizon line. This filter system is particularly suited to the use of graduated ND filters, as it allows the user to easily align the ND area with the horizon by sliding the filter up and down on its magnets.

Theres also an optional circular polarising filter available (MAM100CPL, SRP £114.96), which screws into the centre of the magnetic mount; this can be rotated independently by turning a gear on the base of the holder. All of the filters are high-quality, Japanese-made optics that feature state-of-the-art anti-static, anti-scratch and low reflection coatings that repel water and oil. They also maintain a neutral colour and suppress any infrared light casting.

Marumi has a reputation for innovative, high-quality products, comments Paul Kench, Kenros managing director. The ultra slim M100 Magnetic Filter Holder is not only super compact but it enables filters to be changed over in a matter of seconds while also overcoming any issues with light leakage, which so often occur using slot-in filters.

It's also been designed to be an extremely cost-efficient system for photographers that are working with a selection of lenses - now they just need one set of filters that will work with all lens sizes. Thats the kind of clever thinking that shows Marumi is continually thinking about how to make life easier for its audience.

Prices quoted are SRP guide including VAT.

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