Published 21/06/10

Calumet launches free online photo-gallery

‘This online photo-gallery offers photographers a new and completely free international window to the world’ - Natasha Hatwell

In an imaging industry first' Calumet has launched a new, free touse Eye web portal for professional and amateur photographers both in the UK and internationally.

The industry pioneering Calumet Eye gallery enables photographers to upload their images/portfolios, complete with annotated website details, across a wide range of photodisciplines, including commercial landscape wildlife, and portraits/weddings..

It's an exclusive Calumet initiative which provides our customers with a unique international window to the world said marketing manager Natasha Hatwell.

It is live now and we already have some big name' photographers keen to get their work on the site. This will be a vibrant, interactive portal on which people can view the work of different photographers and let them know if they like what they see. It's different to Flickr and it's fun. It enables both professional and amateur photographers to showcase their work to a potentially enormous audience, completely free of charge.

Calumet's ecommerce manager Charlotte Crisp said We have been working on the Eye programme since last summer, alongside top ideas' agency, Fivebyfive.

We wanted to initiate something completely different, as part of the company's 70th anniversary celebrations. Nobody else has come up with anything like this in the industry.

She added We are not separating professionals' images from those of amateurs.

This is a programme for all our customers both here in the UK and globally.

Users can simply log in and register and then upload images they would like to share with the world. Later they can come back to the Eye site and see how many people have viewed their work and how many have liked it. Images can also be forwarded to third parties as ecards or posted to Twitter, Facebook or the other social networking sites.

When photographers register which takes minimal time, they can choose a photo category and add a caption to their work.

Additionally, if viewers just want to see whats been uploaded to the site they dont even have to register. We think that this idea will be a winner with both pros and photocrats alike.

The new portal will enable photographers to post images with copyright notices if they wish and all images must conform to Calumets terms and conditions.

Added Hatwell Calumet will of course be the final arbiter of site content.

A spokesman from the Southamptonbased Fivebyfive agency added We believe this campaign will reach a huge target audience through persontoperson spread.

The Eye concept is an exciting piece of usergenerated content that invites amateurs and pros alike to collaborate on what is essentially an online art installation and conversation piece.

He added The site comprises a wall of floating coloured symbols, each of which represents a photographer and their image/insight. As the user clicks on each symbol the image for the corresponding photographer expands on the screen. Users can browse messages and images and also, provided they register on the site, they can post their own thoughts/images too.

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