Published 05/09/07

Missing the action

Photographing first wedding

Well, last weekend I had the opportunity to photograph my first spring wedding and after a cold winter, it was really nice to get the camera out, clean the lenses and start shooting some frames. The wedding was great, although it rained all day, the bride was gorgeous, the groom was very nervous and everyone was having a great day

My son, who is now shooting videos for us, was impressed on how Dad was keeping up the pace and shooting like a pro. We arrived at the church right on time and I was really enjoying the sound of the cameras shutter and capturing some nice images, right until he whispered in my ear Dad, whats wrong with your camera A sudden numbness shrouded my body, whilst my sweaty hands were starting to jitter. What do you mean I quietly whispered in an extreme high female tone He looked surprised by my answered and again asked Whats wrong with your camera ..Nothing now protesting in firmer tone then why are you continually looking at the back of your camera after every shot I thought you said that you shoot manually and only use the cameras preview screen to test the exposure at the start of a set of sequential shots. Thinking to myself, what a smart arse I explained that its just a habit and I really enjoyed seeing the images immediately after each shot anyway.

Looking at me like hes just won lotto, he calmly said you were also standing on the brides train


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