Published 14/12/07

Qipit document mangament service

For those who received new camera phones or digital cameras for the holidays

For those who received new camera phones or digital cameras for the holidays, it's time to put the gifts to work to help organise your life. According to the pundits, resolutionists who start the New Year with plans to alter their bad habits put organizing paperwork and eliminating clutter at the top of their list.

From user manual pages and tax receipts to the journal of gym exercises, from calorie counters to the roster on your child's basketball team, Qipit helps get documents into a highly readable, useable digital format using a camera phone or digital camera. This eliminates the need to keep paper in piles using the device most people carry with them at all times. Documents scanned with Qipit are accessible through the Internet via a secure connection, making them accessible to read, share or print from anywhere.

All it takes is a few clicks and Qipit allows users to transform any physical documents into scanquality copies that users can securely store or conveniently share as digital documents on their computers and online at the Qipit website. This means you can Qipit on the go, when you're not near a scanner or copier, and keep organised.

To use Qipit, first set up two new addresses in your phone copyqipit.com for black white copies and colorqipit.com for colour copies. When you need to make a copy, simply take a photograph of a handwritten or printed document, and send the image to the appropriate Qipit email address. Qipit's patented inkextraction technology then automatically transforms it into a high contrast, easytoread digital copy or Qipit that can then be stored or shared online, safe from physical harm. Qipit also sends a copy of the scanned document to your camera phone for you to reuse while on the go.

Unlike the original photograph of a document, which appears as a dark, low contrast picture, scanquality Qipits are clear inkonwhite digital copies of the original documents. And, thanks to Qipits bestinclass scanning technology, the text quality and readability is improved and the quality and integrity of the photographs in the documents are maintained. A Qipit digital copy can be easily read, printed, and faxed. In addition, Qipit copies can be made public and shared via a URL link to the original online document for easy access and sharing in an emergency.

For more information, please visit the Qipit website


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