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Thinking of becoming a professional photographer?

Working as a photographer can provide an appealing and varied career

Working as a photographer can provide an appealing and varied career with many prospects and opportunities. Whether you are considering working as a freelance photographer or take up a fixed pay job working for a newspaper or magazine the SWPP BPPA can help you achieve your ambitions.

To become a professional photographer you will need creative and artistic qualities along with knowledge of marketing and sales, especially if you are working for yourself.

You should also have a passion for photography and be familiar with the equipment and terminology involved and undertake as much training as research as you possibly can..

You should also have an eye for a good picture taking into account placement within the image frame and lighting amongst other factors. It also pays dividends to have good people skills particularly if you aspire to work as a freelance photographer at Weddings and other such events.

If you are intending to work for a magazine or newspaper you will also need strong people skills to gain access to good locations as well as strong organisational skills to prioritise your own workload

Training is absolutely essential, as you will have a responsibility to provide your client's with quality images, which are of merchantable quality

If you are looking to start a career as a press photographer it is sometimes best to start by working at your local paper. Even if you can only get a work experience placement it will help to raise your profile substantially and gain you valuable experience.

Starting a career as a photographer can be expensive as the investment required in equipment suitable for professional purposes is relatively expensive. Opting for low specification consumer cameras will not yield the quality of files to produce quality images.

Many people will work full or part time in another career until the are able to make the financial leap into selfemployment this also allows them to develop their photography skills in their spare times and afford the appropriate equipment.

Permanent careers can be found working within medical and scientific industries and services such as the police and army though it does often benefit the application if they have a formal academic qualification to realise a position in this field.

As your professional reputation starts to build you will find yourself earning more. A sense of determination and patience is required to progress further and a commitment to continuous training.

Hours of work may be irregular with the majority of professional photographers capturing their images digitally. In many cases post capture manipulation is considerably more time consuming than capture. To this effect it is essential to have the most powerful computers that you can afford as processing large images is both memory and CPU hungry

You will need to put in a lot of hard work to make a living as a photographer, though for many they have entered a rewarding career.

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