The Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers
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19th July 2019 GMT

Qualification Structure - Craftsman

CrSWPP – Craftsman of The Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers

Applicants for this prestigious qualification must submit a total of five full albums of wedding pictures all of which must be actual albums as supplied to customers.

We require JPEGs and facing pages should be made as a double page image. Please ensure the images appear sequentially so that they tell the story of the wedding. We will be assessing not just the quality of the photography, but also the presentation of the album as a whole. Does the layout of the pages flow. Do facing pages work together or only if viewed separately? The JPEGs should be of a quality that we can zoom in on individual images (200 dpi).

Submissions for this qualification may be submitted on CD or online

Each album page must be saved as an individual jpg 2000 pixels on the widest side and numbered 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, …

Each album must be saved in it’s own folder and be named with the members name and number i.e. john_smith_1234_album_1. The folder must be zipped and forwarded vie our upload facility.

The albums should be actual albums as supplied to customers so we are aware that a customer’s selection might not be a photographer’s choice, e.g. lots of family groups, but hopefully some of your more creative images have been selected.

What it costs

(Provided they are submitted within 12 months)

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