Mobile Phone Photography Workshop

Thursday 6 April 2017 - - England

Presented by:
    Jo Bradford

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All bookings are final. We reserve the right to change speakers and exhibitors without notice.

If you are looking to improve your mobile photography this is the course for you. Jo Bradford is proof that there is a place for photos taken with a mobile phone within the photographic community. Her project ‘ A Love Letter to Dartmoor in 365 photographers’ gained her over 50 thousand followers on Social Media and has lead to her presenting her experience to huge audiences at The Photography Show 2016. All of the photos were taken using her iPhone and are now being exhibited at the Princetown Visitor Centre, Dartmoor.

What will I learn?
Jo will give advice about composition, framing and the theory of what makes a good photograph, using your focal range and exploring the focal plane, finding the correct exposure, using exposure bracketing to full effect, and covering other gadgets, apps and tools to help improve your mobile photography. Jo will be demonstrating a range of apps that you may find of interest, such as a slow shutter app for taking long exposures of moving water. If this is something that you feel you may wish to explore, you are encouraged to download the app on your phone beforehand and bring a tripod to allow you to practice and learn with Jo.

You will also look at a range of editing skills, tools, filters and apps to deliver the photograph you captured with your camera that looks like the scene in your minds eye. The whole course is designed to give you the skills, tools and know-how you will need to get out there and start releasing your own style and creativity as you practice your new skills.

With a maximum group size of 12 people, we can ensure that you will have sufficient one on one time with Jo, to really help you gain the most out of the experience.

You will also receive an A4 matted print of an image taken from the day.

What will I need to bring
Please note that for the workshop you will need to have a smartphone (with a camera) and ideally your own Instagram account. You will need to have downloaded a copy of the free photo editing app ‘SNAPSEED’.

Please make sure that the apps are properly downloaded and functioning before you come to the session to avoid any issues that may arise with intermittent cell phone signal on site. If you wish to experiment with long exposures of water, (it is not a requirement that you do) please buy and download the SLOW SHUTTER CAM app to your phone. You will need to use a tripod for this exercise which can hold a mobile phone.

You are advised to wear suitable clothing and shoes for walking in all conditions. Lunch is provided.

Seminar arranged and hosted by the Fotospeed Academy.

The Manger Barn
SN15 2LG

Cost: £85

   All bookings are final. We reserve the right to change speakers and exhibitors without notice.

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