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Printing and Colour Management

Tuesday 14 November 2017 - - England

Presented by:
    Doug Chinnery

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As photographers, the image is everything. We invest hugely, in time, money and effort to make the very best photographs we can. But all art needs an artefact. Something tangible, something physical to complete the creative process. There is nothing like crafting a beautiful print of our most treasured images to complete the creative circle. How much more satisfying is it to hold in our hands a physical print than to simply see pixels on a screen?

However, printing is a craft, just as creating the image in the field is a craft. So often the results from our printer can disappoint, but it doesnít have to be this way. Colour management, proofing, paper choice and printing may seem daunting, but it can all be learned. The whole process is very physical and immensely satisfying.

What will I learn?
You will be given a good grounding in colour management and helped to understand what colour spaces are and how they will affect your prints, what gamuts are and how different papers react to inks. You will learn how to calibrate your system and exactly what calibration means and what it can (and canít) do for you. You will learn all about ICC profiles, both generic and custom profiles and what the benefits of custom profiles are.

Doug will take you through his workflow for processing raw files with a view to creating a fine art, exhibition quality print. This will include a detailed understanding of creative and output sharpening, resizing images and a workflow to help you manage the process based on his professional experience.

He will show you how to save money using soft proofing in Adobe Lightroom and then how to finalise difficult prints with his techniques for hard proofing, which also save money on ink and paper. You will learn what papers to select for different types of print - prints with warmer tones, brighter tones, for mono prints, prints with lots of detail, prints which are softer, the list goes on. We will have both Canon and Epson printers running throughout the day for comparing systems and testing different Fotospeed paper types on different images - an ideal opportunity if you are undecided about which system is best for you. A Fotospeed technician will be on hand all day to help with technical enquiries too and there will be lots of paper to experiment with. The Masterclass also includes a look at why Adobe Photoshop is so essential for photographers who are serious about printing, especially when it comes to solving tricky colour gamut issues. Doug will open up to you some in-depth Photoshop techniques for solving really difficult printing issues if they ever arise, and how to up-size images for really big prints. Finally, you will learn how to use Adobe Lightrooms print module to output your images, using colour managed profiles to produce fine art prints.

What will I need to bring?
You will be asked to bring a selection of your favourite raw files with you and your own laptop (if you donít have a laptop, one will be provided with Lightroom, Photoshop and the NIK suite of plugins pre-installed installed for you to borrow for the day). You will be able to select an image to work on, with help from Doug, which you will then be able to print on A2 paper with a print area of A3 and have framed on the day to take home with you as a memento of your day with us. All of the computer training on Dougís screen will be recorded, along with his commentary. Doug will then process these into videos which he will make available to you as downloadable videos once you get home. This will save you taking reams of notes and will allow you to relax and concentrate on the training. Then back at home you can replay the day as often as you wish, really getting the maximum benefit from it forever.

Seminar arranged and hosted by the Fotospeed Academy.

The Manger Barn
SN15 2LG

Cost: £244.99

   All bookings are final. We reserve the right to change speakers and exhibitors without notice.

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