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Getting Married - Wedding Venue Gwynedd Wales

GwyneddGetting Married - Wedding Venue

Monday 19th November 2018  

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Fairway Country Hotel

Fairway Country Hotel
Lon Uchaf
LL53 6AD

tel:- +44 1758 721888
web address:- www.fairwaycountryhotel.co.uk/
e-mail:- enquiries@fairwaycountryhotel.co.uk

Fairway Country Hotel :-
Time has barely touched this wonderful piece of paradise, that has managed to remain unspoiled against a backdrop of diverse natural beauty. From the distant mountains of Snowdonia, around the bays and hidden coves of the sandy coastline, across the ever changing surface of the vast Irish Sea and into the kaleidoscope of colour that is the National Park; the choices are as vast as the land itself. - Fairway Country Hotel wedding venue is based in Gwynedd, Wales

Wedding Trivia:
Playing pranks on the newlywed couple was also a tradition, which began with the intentions of warding off evil spirits. Loyal friends of the couple would do this in hopes that the spirits would take pity on the couple for already being picked upon enough, and would then leave the couple alone.

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