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Getting Married - Wedding Venue Tenerife Canary Islands

TenerifeGetting Married - Wedding Venue

Wednesday 31st August 2016  

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H10 Oasis Moreque

Los Cristianos Hotel
H10 Oasis Moreque
Av. Juan carlos I, 28
Los Cristianos
Canary Islands

tel:- +34 922 790 366
fax:- +34 922 792 260
web address:- swpp.co.uk/wedding_venues/
e-mail:- h10oasismoreque@h10.es

H10 Oasis Moreque :-
Hotel in the Canary Islands
H10 Oasis Moreque wedding venue is based in, Tenerife

Wedding Trivia:
Seeing an open grave, pig, or lizard on the way to the ceremony, or hearing a crow after dawn on the morning of the wedding are all thought to be omens of bad luck. Catching a glimpse of a monk or a nun is also thought to be a omen of misfortune because of their association with poverty and chastity.

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