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  Getting Married - Wedding Venue Wisconsin USA

WisconsinGetting Married - Wedding Venue

Saturday 7th March 2015  

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Klemmers Banquet Center

Wedding Venue
Klemmers Banquet Center
10401 W Oklahoma Avenue

tel:- 001 414 541 0401
web address:- www.klemmersbanquetcenter.com/

Klemmers Banquet Center :-
For 29 years, the Klemmer family has been offering excellent food and superb service for family and business events. From the beginning, the Williamsburg Inn, consisting of a dining room and one banquet room, blended traditional Williamsburg decor with delicious food and personalized service

Wedding Trivia:
After "kidnapping" his bride, the groom would take her and go into hiding. By the time the bride's family tracked them down them, the bride would probably already be pregnant! A "bride price" would then be negotiated. An earlier source is the early Jewish custom of the bride and groom spending a week together alone immediately after the marriage feast. The earliest reference to this practice is Jacob's marriages to Leah and Rachel.


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