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EssexGetting Married - Wedding Venue

Sunday 26th June 2016  

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Whitehall Country Hotel

Wedding Venue Broxted
Whitehall Country Hotel
Church End

tel:- 01279 850603
fax:- +44 (0)208 546 9545
web address:- www.brook-hotels.co.uk/hotels/whitehall-hotel-weddings
e-mail:- whitehall@brook-hotels.co.uk

Whitehall Country Hotel :-
The Whitehall Hotel near Stansted is a beautifully restored Elizabethan Manor House in Dunmow. Dunmow is famous for the Dunmow Flitch; a competition to decide which married couple is the happiest. Win it and you get a flitch of bacon. It's a really quaint part of the country.

Wedding Trivia:
Rings were used as currency in the Middle East prior to the advent of coinage and were a sign of a persons wealth. In ancient times the wedding ring was thought to protected the bride from "evil spirits". Ancient Roman wedding rings were made of iron. In early Rome a gold band came to symbolize everlasting love and commitment in marriage. Roman wedding rings were carved with two clasped hands. Very early rings had a carved key through which a woman was thought to be able to open her husband's heart.


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