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Getting Married - Wedding Venue Hisings Backa Sweden

Hisings BackaGetting Married - Wedding Venue

Wednesday 18th January 2017  

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St. Jorgens Park

Hotel - Luxury Hotel and Spa
St. Jorgens Park
Box 4092
Hisings Backa
Hisings Backa
422 49

tel:- 031 55 39 81
web address:-

St. Jorgens Park :-
Sankt Jorgen Park is a unique facility that offers hotel, conference, spa, sport club, golf and restaurants. Here you'll find perhaps Sweden's most beautiful spa with its unique spa ritual. You live on site and take part in conferences at our award winning design hotel while enjoying fine food in one of our restaurants. Our 18-hole golf course is just a pitch distance from the hotel, along with a sports club with a wide range of group exercise classes and a gym. Personality and passion permeates throughout our facility. You'll soon notice!

Wedding Trivia:
After "kidnapping" his bride, the groom would take her and go into hiding. By the time the bride's family tracked them down them, the bride would probably already be pregnant! A "bride price" would then be negotiated. An earlier source is the early Jewish custom of the bride and groom spending a week together alone immediately after the marriage feast. The earliest reference to this practice is Jacob's marriages to Leah and Rachel.

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