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Getting Married - Wedding Venues Paijanne Tavastia

Paijanne TavastiaSWPP Wedding Venues

Tuesday 18th December 2018  


Paijanne Tavastia Wedding Venues

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Paijanne Tavastia

  1. Alex Park Hotel - Hotel Lahti - Alex Park Hotel Paijanne Tavastia
  2. Cumulus Hotel Lahti - Hotel - City Centre - Cumulus Hotel Lahti Paijanne Tavastia
  3. Hotel Kumpeli - Hotel in Heinola - Hotel Kumpeli Paijanne Tavastia
  4. Hotel Lahti - Hotel - Hotel Lahti Paijanne Tavastia
  5. Hotel Musta Kissa - Hotel - Hotel Musta Kissa Paijanne Tavastia
  6. Mukkulan Kartano - Hotel - Manor House - Mukkulan Kartano Paijanne Tavastia
  7. Next Hotel Salpaus - Hotel in Lahti - Next Hotel Salpaus Paijanne Tavastia

Wedding Trivia:
Sir Temulji Nariman and his wife Lady Nariman were hitched for a grand total of 86 years, although they did have a distinct advantage over most people. Both were aged just five when they got married.