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Tuesday 19th June 2018  GMT

Brides Find Choosing Wedding Colors a Challenge

Ottawa, ON  -- Apr 26, 2007 -- /prbuzz/ -- Today’s brides find that selecting their wedding colours is one of the most difficult decisions in planning their wedding, according to Gail Oliver and Gisele Sullivan, authors of the book, Weddings with Style.

“More and more brides are finding it very stressful to choose a colour scheme as it sets the overall tone of the wedding and reception,” said Oliver. “Until they decide on their colours, they really can’t finalize a lot of the other details. Since the colours will be used in so many costly elements of the wedding – like bridesmaids’ gowns, invitations, and centrepieces – most brides can’t afford to change their mind.”

As such, the authors have come up with some suggestions to help brides deal with the colour dilemma. One of the things they recommend is to start is with paint companies. Every year most paint manufacturers will come out with their annual colour trends brochure in which they will recommend a series of three or four trendy new colours that compliment each other. The authors recommend brides choose the colour in the combination that they like the most and make it the dominant colour – which would then be used for bridesmaids’ dress, groom men’s ties, invitations, etc. They then recommend choosing one or two of the other colours as accents for bouquet flowers, centrepieces, table napkins and so forth.

Oliver and Sullivan believe that it is best to use one main colour and no more than one to two accent colours, and white, cream or ivory should be somewhere in the mix. But the authors feel that you don’t have to have more than one colour if that is not to your liking. Simply choose a colour you like and use two or three different shades of it. The great thing is pretty much everything– from flowers to gowns – can be dyed.

The rest of the authors’ suggestions for picking a colour scheme, as well as more of their wedding ideas can be found on their website at Their book, Weddings with Style, is available now through

About the Authors
Gail Oliver and Gisele Sullivan first starting writing wedding books in 1998 and formed their own publishing company, Dream Concepts Publishing. In 2005, leading e-book publisher BooksonStuff acquired the publishing rights to Weddings with Style, which is sold exclusively online through booksellers such as The authors and their ideas have been quoted in Cosmopolitan magazine.

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Gail Oliver
Dream Concepts Publishing Inc.
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Phone: 613-821-5275
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