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by Andy Cubin Published 01/12/2014


Figure 5.

This was a simple analogy which she could relate to directly and so the task was relatively simple for the model. Notice how she has her look directed towards the imaginary target, how she is up on her toes and how the positioning of the arms and the apparent movement in her dress all come together to produce a dynamic image, even though she never actually moved from the spot.

Analogies like this work really well - especially when the subject is a child. Kids love to imagine and will role-play at the drop of a hat. Introducing props into the mix is a sure-fire winner when working with kids as they often have a short attention span.

Giving grown-ups a prop is also a dandy idea. Keeping hands occupied is the cure for the inexperienced or non-model. By having the microphone in the shot and playing music in the studio, my model Lexi was able to roleplay this cabaret singer to a tee - Figure 5.


Figure 6.

Remember the basketball approach earlier? We bring sport into the mix now - in this case martial arts from which we can derive dynamic shapes taken from individual elements from Taekwon-Do patterns - Figure 6.

In this image, the model is mid 'high section side kick' - a move which I directed her into (the demonstration was not nearly as good as the copy!) and, she looks like she is doing a pretty good job at the can-can yet has actually never been near Paris nor in a martial arts class in her life - one can hardly describe this image as static.

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