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by Andy Cubin Published 01/12/2014


Figure 9.

In my water ballet series, my model had to jump for four hours to get the range of poses I needed for the entire portfolio. Being knowledgeable of these things, she brought along a foam exercise mat, which we concealed under the backdrop paper in order to cushion her landing - Figure 9

We must not rule out the option of not having the subject move at all but using the camera and light to generate motion in the background. This is a very exciting but simple technique and offers the photographer opportunities to create high-impact imagery so I commend it to you.

Rear-curtain synch is that function in the camera whereby the flash is commanded to fire towards the end of the shutter travel. The image (Figure 10) should explain. Simply, all motion would be captured during the open shutter period with the flash lighting the subject and then motion blur is created by the combination of the two.

Since flash freezes motion and we know that we can control the direction of the light source, the photographer can be selective within an entire image, as to which elements are sharp and which are not


Figure 10.

For this technique to work, there has to be some (but not much) ambient light as the photographer needs to work with extended shutter speeds in order to shoot the motion in the first place - Figure 10.

In this image, the shutter speed was one second and the children were asked to simply walk around the birthday girl in a circle. The off-camera flash was snooted and fired directly at the central subject for the desired result.

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