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by Andy Cubin Published 01/04/2012


...Let's start at a fixed point of square-on, head straight with the shooting line roughly level with the nose and see where we go. All the imagery in this missive has been deliberately shot with the shoulders level and square to the camera to make it as 'bad' as it can be.


Axis 1 - Tilting - If the upper body is kept square onto the camera, and the model's head is tilted away from the vertical, we break the symmetry of the pose and things start to become a bit more interesting:
Go too far with the tilt and your subject may look like they have a broken neck, but this is a matter of personal taste (isn't everything?)

Axis 2 - Turning - Our model turns her face away as if to shake her head but, maintains eye contact with the camera.

If we insist on eye contact, we have just imposed a limit on how far the head can be turned before the eyeballs reach their (gimbal) limit.

I also read that another 'no-no' is when the tip of the nose breaks the cheek line. I happen to agree with this, but not because of the facial angle to camera which results, but more due to 'losing' the far eye behind the bridge of the nose.

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