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by Andy Cubin Published 01/04/2012


It just so happens that this nose tip/cheek line relationship also occurs at roughly the eyeball gimbal limit - handy eh!

Keep the head turning away and you are in the 'dead-zone' between the nose tip breaking the cheek line and full profile; if you accept the convention that only partially being able to see the far eye is a 'no', but once it can't be seen at all, then this falls back into the realms of acceptability.


Axis 3 - Nodding - Angling the head up and downwards changes the mood of the image as it affects the eyes and the shape of the face. It is simple to achieve by getting the model to nod forward or back and/or the photographer raising or lowering the shooting line.

Shooting from below conveys a sense of power or superiority but, if your subject has a prominent neck (or lots of chins), it's going to show.

Shooting from above opens the eyes and the whites under the pupils (canoe boats) become visible and it's a good way to hide necks - (women will love you for this!).

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