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by Andy Cubin Published 01/06/2013


More of that Attitude, Young Lady!

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Posing Pouch - Part 7 - More of that Attitude, Young Lady!


Go on, be honest. Did the gratuitous and completely unnecessary nude opening image draw your eye towards the forthcoming article?

If it did, then what follows is sure-fire going to work...

In Posing Pouch so far, we have learned to categorise various areas of the body and how to pose them in a complementary manner. In Posing Pouch 6 we learned rudimentary 'Flow Posing' using a systematic approach in order to not have to remember individual poses.

By being able to deliberately 'shape' a subject using the lessons learned in the Posing Pouch series and, with some thought given to lighting, we should all be well on the way to a decent shot.

However, taking lighting and basic pose as a given, our images are just going to be bog average until we learn to add something else to the overall recipe - ATTITUDE. Written in capitals to make it stand out, and deliberately so, because standing out is what we are trying to achieve.


Have a definition:


Immediately we are moving away from the notion of the sort of attitude you get from your teenage kids and their monosyllabic grunting amongst their seemingly endless piles of discarded clothing. No no! - the sort of attitude we want for our pictures is positive, vibrant, cool and wow!

Having bombarded the poor reader in earlier articles with countless basic poses, I aim to draw right back on the image-front and show you a series of images in pairs of before and after, the first shot posed but lacking attitude, the second with attitude intentionally and visibly added.

In order to convince the reader of the power of attitude, I have taken some literary licence and broken down ATTITUDE into three specific elements:

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