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by Andy Cubin Published 01/08/2013


It's (St)rainingMen!

Welcome to Part 8 of Posing Pouch where we will be looking at the complex and the simple. The complex bit is how to make male subjects look comfortable The simple bit is the male posing itself. As it turns out, posing the male is far simpler than the female - getting them to look good, however, is entirely another matter.

Men are an odd species - I say this with confidence because I am one, and I get to photograph them a lot. Take a group of men in a social situation (the pub) and they will exude plenty of confidence. Add an ounce of alcohol and they become immediately hilarious and wonder why the female of the human species don't find them instantly attractive. However, isolate them in a photographic studio environment and watch them crumble - it's called divide and conquer.


So, why is there such a problem with photographing the chaps?

As mentioned already, they can be surprisingly under-confident - you sit your male subject on a posing stool within a lighting set-up, mention the words: 'right, look natural' and just watch them fidget. They have no idea what to do with unoccupied hands, can't stand without looking like their legs are in plaster cast and they walk like a giraffe with a leg missing.

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