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by Andy Cubin Published 01/10/2013


Figure 2.

Shots of the male walking gait fit into two categories - right and very horribly wrong. There is no real in-between so, as photographers, we can only capture a 'walk' at one specific point in order for it to look correct.

In the first sequence of walking shots, we need to pay attention first to what is happening at the feet:

Figures 1 and 3 show the front foot lifted such that the sole is visible and Andrew looks like he's a fan of good old-fashioned country and western line dancing (something my wife confessed to only after we were married!).


Figure 3.

Nothing much wrong with that until we notice that Figures 2 and 4 show the front foot flat on the ground and this (to me) appears more natural and therefore, photographically, more pleasing. Moving our eyes up the body, we can see that walking produces asymmetry in the levels at knees, hands and shoulders so, provided we can get that front foot flat, the rest is going to work. You may also notice that in Figures 2 and 4, the arms are swinging less and again this looks more natural as opposed to the 'marching arms' in Figures 1 and 3.

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