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by Andy Cubin Published 01/10/2013


Figure 4.

Also, and somewhat curiously, the foot position at Figures 2 and 4 look very similar to the 'stepped' pose we looked at and favoured in Posing Pouch 8.

From a practical point of view, getting a stationary pose to look like the middle of a walk is far more difficult than just getting your subject to walk and shoot him on motor drive using your camera's predictive focus.


Figure 5.

Sitting Due to their anatomy, men tend to sit with their legs apart - (it's a physical comfort thing ladies - we don't choose to do it that way!). Add to that the way the crotch area of a pair of trousers tends to fold and we can end up with some seriously distracting elements to our male images. Figure 5 shows the problem.

Because Andrew is sitting slightly hunched, he has created folds in the material all the way down his lower chest, stomach and crotch area - just because of the way he has posed. In Figure 6, we have rearranged the pose by asking Andrew to smooth out the lines in his clothing before sitting down and then sitting more upright.

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